Tuesday, November 18, 2008

This Tuesday at The Tiki Hut - Marion Webb-DeSisto

This week's special guest is Marion Webb-De Sisto who is currently celebrating her brand new release - CRYSTAL COMPANIONS: The Use of the Mineral Kingdom within Modern-day Metaphysics. This new book is a must-have handbook for anyone fascinated by crystals and New Age practices.

An innovative look at how crystals and crystal skulls are being incorporated into various modern-day metaphysical pursuits by the author and other practitioners in order to improve their performance. The effect crystalline energy has on therapies, spiritual pursuits and divination techniques is highlighted in this book, together with brief outlines on the histories of these various practices. Such disciplines as Past Life Regression, Reiki, Yoga, Shamanism and Crystal Therapy are documented and discussed in detail. Divination strategies of the Tarot, the Runes, Scrying and Dowsing are also combined with the properties of the mineral kingdom, and the resulting outcomes are explored. In addition, helpful exercises, recommendations and crystal ‘know-how’ are included for both the professional and the novice. The author is a qualified Crystal Healing practitioner and her examination of various crystal-enhanced procedures is a valuable handbook for anyone interested in discovering the powerful crystalline world and its impact on healing, spirituality and divination.

Apart from a print copy of CRYSTAL COMPANIONS being on offer in the Book of the Day contest today over on AuthorIsland.com, one lucky person can win an Adobe PDF version of it just by blogging their comments here at the Hut to Marion. She'll draw that winning name at the end of the day.

Welcome to the Tiki Hut, Marion!

Thank you, DeNita, for inviting me into the Hut today. It's really good to feel those tropical sunbeams warming me. It's really chilly and blustery here in the UK right now.

I'm very excited about my new book. I love sharing information on the mineral kingdom and how it can help us achieve a more positive way of looking at life. My home is filled with crystals and crystal skulls and I'm fortunate enough to have a husband who loves these beautiful Earth-gifts as much as I do.

Telling people about the crystalline world is a 'must' for me and it appears to be a welcome read for others. I gave the title Crystal Companions to my latest book because it examines in detail how crystals and crystal skulls can be used to enhance whatever we are doing. The mineral kingdom works as a helping friend that aids us with many different things. The book looks at various interests and not just healing, which is usually associated with crystals. If you practice Yoga, are fascinated by the Tarot and Runes, or would like to Space Clear your home, then I believe my book will grab your attention. Are you curious about Past Life Regression? Well, that's in there, too.

At the end of each chapter there’s an exercise for the reader to try, and as a little 'taster' the following is the exercise from the chapter about Pendulums & Dowsing. Do have a go even if you've never used a pendulum before, and I would love to read any feedback, or answer any questions, that you might have.

Thanks again, DeNita, and have fun with the exercise everyone!

A Dowsing Exercise with a Ring Pendulum

· Decide upon a number of questions that you or someone else would like to have answered.
· Choose a silver or gold ring. Even if it has no gemstones, it was created from a mineral.
· Tie a piece of thread to the ring. It should be no more than 7” long.
· Sit down comfortably and practice holding your ring pendulum in your dominant hand {right if you are right-handed, left if you are left-handed}. The official position is known as “the eye of the cobra,” which means holding your forearm in an upright position and slightly away from the body. The end of the thread is held between the thumb and first finger with the other fingers following the curve of that finger. The pendulum should be hanging straight down and parallel to your arm.
· Take time to establish how this pendulum will indicate “Yes” and “No” answers.*
· When you feel ready, give the pendulum a slight swing.
· Now ask your first question and wait for an answer.
· Once it is given, hold the ring still for a moment, and then give the pendulum a slight swing once again.
· Ask the next question and wait for an answer.
· Continue in this manner until all of the questions have been asked and answered.
· Thank the ring and cleanse it by visualization.**

* If a pendulum is being consulted for “Yes” and “No” answers, you will need to establish, before you begin to dowse, how your pendulum will show you these answers. For some people a pendulum will swing clockwise for “Yes” and anti-clockwise for “No.” For others it will show the affirmative by swinging up-and-down, and from side-to-side for a negative response. Take time before attempting any dowsing exercises to become familiar with how your pendulum indicates its answers to you.

** Imagine Divine golden light is radiating throughout the ring and its beams transform all negativity into positive energy.

N. B. If the ring pendulum should become still when you ask a question and does not indicate a “Yes” or “No” answer, then you are being told that it is not right to be given an answer at this time. If it appears undecided, in other words, it keeps alternating between clockwise and anti-clockwise, or between up-and-down and from side-to-side, then consider this to be a “Maybe” answer.


  1. Good morning Marion!!!

    Thanks so much for being our guest here today at the Tiki Hut!!!

    Love your excercise - I actually have a pendulums (a couple of them) one is sodalite(sp?)I got when I was in my late teens, I think,and the other is a metal of some kind.

    When I'm working with the sodalite (sp?) one I can actually feel the energy heating up my hand - is that normal???

    And guys, if you've never done this - try it, it's really very weird how it works.

    I've got to go find mine, dust it off and play with it again.


  2. G'Morning DeNita,

    Thanks for inviting me.

    Yes, you usually can feel energy {warming, cooling, tingling, prickling sensations in whatever part of your body is reasonably close to a crystal. And Sodalite is a lovely stone. It's all about our connection to higher energy, or if you prefer, the higher realms. A Sodalite pendulum should work very well, connecting you through your brow/3rd eye chakra to information from those unseen levels.

    Blessings, Marion/Maz. ^j^

  3. This is such an awesome topic. I love crystals and do work with them almost daily. I am not familiar with crystal skulls other than seeing them. I am somewhat familiar with pendulums. I work with a rose quartz one and love it. It is part of my life and I won't do without it. I would love to read the rest of this book. Thanks for posting an excerpt.

  4. Hi Vicky,

    It's impossible not to love crystals once you start working with them, don't you agree? Don't forget to enter the Book of the Day contest. You might just get to be the lucky winner, and then you could read the rest of the book. :-)

    Blessings, Marion/Maz. ^j^

  5. Hi Marion,

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge on such an interesting topic - I look forward to finding out more.


  6. Hi MArion,
    I love crystals. Do you have a large collection? What are your favorites?


  7. Hi Marion! I have to try the pendulum exercise. I have a lot of turmoil in my life right now and balance is what I'm looking for. Thanks for your informative post!

  8. Hi Keatonkat, Debby and Meri,

    Sorry my answer is coming hours after you blogged, but being in the GMT time zone I was in bed when you made your comments.

    I think each of you would find my book interesting. I always try to give readers an opportunity to have 'hands-on' experiences with whatever subject I'm writing about and this particular book is filled with such opportunities. There are loads of fun exercises to try.

    The mineral kingdom is very interesting, Keatonkat, that's why I love to write/talk/blog about it. :-)

    Yes, Debby, I do have a large collection of both crystals and crystal skulls because I just love them. My favorites? Just about all of them, but Obsidian, Clear Quartz, Lapis, Carnelian and Petrified Wood are definitely up there.

    Do try the pendulum exercise, Meri. The answers you get should help you to find balance. BTW, my sun sign is Libra so balance is crucial to me.

    Blessings & Thanks to DeNita and the bloggers for allowing me to babble about my new book and, of course, crystals, Marion/Maz. ^j^

  9. Marion,

    I knew there was a reason I connected with the Sodalite - I bought it years ago and the man selling them had hundreds and a girl friend and I were looking through them and asked the guy which ones worked best and what he recommended we buy. And the man told us, that he would never suggest a pendulum, that the stone would attract us and let us know who it belonged to.

    Well, I tell you what - It was the one that was in my hand, I had kept going back to it.

    I had a Reiki session once and the lady told me my 3rd eye was closed and that I work very hard to keep it closed. She asked if I wanted it open - being the chicken I am, I said, thanks, but no thanks... not quite ready for that - lol!!!

    It seems as if someone's been trying to tell me something.... ha....

    I'd love to have an on-line work shop with you some day - let me know if you would ever be interested.

    Thanks for being our guest and thanks so much for this fantastic book!


  10. Hi Keatonkat,

    Congratulations! You're the winner of the PDF version of 'Crystal Companions.' So I need your email address in order to send the PDF to you. You can email it to me privately at maz@marionwebb-desisto.com

    Blessings, Marion/Maz. ^j^

  11. Hi DeNita,

    Yes, we always seem to get the right crystal for us, the one we really need. That's why it's often thought that they choose us rather than we choose them. Obviously, Sodalite will work with you, opening up your closed 3rd eye chakra.

    An online workshop would be great. Perhaps after the craziness of the Holidays we could arrange something?

    Blessings, Marion/Maz. ^j^