Tuesday, November 25, 2008

This Tuesday At The Tiki Hut - Kimber Chin

This Tuesday's special guest at the Tiki Hut is Kimber Chin. Kimber writes sexy contemporary romances set in the business world. A business gal herself, she is tired of seeing business folks described as emotionless bores, especially as many of the people she works with are one step away from the looney bin. It takes a special type of crazy to spend days in a 100 square feet cubicle.

This cynical gal had her world tilted when she fell in love at first sight. 15 gloriously happy years later, she cautions single women that slick talking salesmen will do anything to keep their favorite customers satisfied.

Every week, Kimber Chin posts a short story and a photo of a man in a great looking suit on her website and every month, she gives away her favorite eBook read the previous month.

And since we have a holiday weekend coming up, Kimber is going to share a special romantic short story for us! Welcome to the Tiki Hut, Kimber!


Thanks so much DeNita! I enjoyed writing the Halloween short so much,I thought I'd share a Thanksgiving one,an exclusive for Author Island readers...


It was a big pie.

And there was only one of her. Undecided, Elena stood in front of the display.

“Could I buy a slice?” she tried.

“No, Madame.” The dark eyed clerk shook his head. “It is a wonderful pie, too exquisite to hack into pieces.” He made jerky chopping motions with his hand.

It was a wonderful pie. The pumpkin filling browned oh-so-lightly. A few flakes of the pastry dotted the doily, a testament to its lightness. It would taste… her mouth watered at the thought.

But it was a big pie.

On the other hand, today WAS Thanksgiving. At least in the States. She always had pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving. And she didn’t have to eat it all.

But to waste such a pie. That was surely a sin.

“Salute Marcel,” a deep voice rumbled from behind her. “Oh, good, there’s one left. I’ll take the pumpkin.”

The pumpkin? Her pumpkin? The clerk slid the wire rack out. “Wait.” She stopped him.

“Madame? You wish the pie?”

“Mademoiselle,” she corrected. Why? She didn’t know. “I…” She did want the pie, at least a taste but it was so big and this man, he… She should give it up.

But only if he was worthy of such a pie. She turned. To judge him. Big feet in black dress shoes. Long legs in black dress pants. A thin torso. Too thin. She frowned. Wide shoulders in a suit jacket. Firm lips pressed together, twitching. Her head tilted back more. Laughter lines etched out from brown sparkling eyes. Her toes curled.

Yes, he was most certainly worthy.

“Mademoiselle? You wish the pie?” the clerk repeated.

The handsome stranger tilted his head, repeating the question silently.

“I do wish the pie but,” she sighed, smelling the cinnamon, ginger, and cloves, “Monsieur may have it.”

“No, no,” the man protested. “You were here first. It is yours.”

She WAS there first but “I can’t eat all that. All I wanted was a slice.”

“Then that is decided.” Feeling the loss, Elena didn’t appreciate his cheerfulness. “Marcel, wrap it up.” He approached the counter, pulling bills from his wallet.

Elena stepped towards the door.

“Wait, Mademoiselle.” A big arm wrapped around her shoulders. “You can not go before you get your slice.”

“Monsieur Largent, you wish me to slice?” The clerk’s bottom lip communicated his disapproval.

“I wish Mademoiselle to slice. Tonight. At my parents’ table.”

“I couldn’t.” It was tempting. To taste the pie. To not be alone on Thanksgiving. “I don’t know you.”

“Marcel knows me.”

A dark head bobbed. “Monsieur Largent is the finest of men. He buys many pies.”

“Thank you, Marcel.” The man laughed. “For vouching for my pie buying abilities. I’m sure Mademoiselle…”

“Elena,” she supplied.

“Elena,” he made it sound even more musical, “is suitably impressed. She will not be able to resist me, my offer, or especially the pumpkin pie. What say you, Elena? Yes?”

It was insane. She didn’t know him. He could be lying. He could have no parents. He could…He opened the box, and the wave of spices hit her.



For more Kimber Chin short stories, contests, and men in suits photos, visit her site http://businessromance.com/ .


  1. Thanks for the great story Kimber!! You had my mouth watering - for the pie and the handsome stranger!

    Have a great Thanksgiving!

  2. Great story!! I need...um, pie!

    Immortals to Die For