Monday, December 23, 2013

This Week's Special Guest Author Tim Smith

Tim Smith is an award-winning bestselling author whose books range from romantic mystery/thrillers to contemporary erotic romance. He is also a freelance photographer. When he isn’t pursuing those two careers, he can be found in the Florida Keys, indulging in his passion for parasailing between research and seeking out the perfect Mojito.


If it’s the holiday season, it must mean it’s time for me to release another holiday romance. “Who Gets the Friends?” is now available through eXtasy books. This is a lighthearted romp with laughs and liberal doses of sex. What more could you hope to find under your Christmas tree?


Two lonely souls get a chance to make their Christmas wish come true.

 When Tom Harris won back his freedom after a bitter divorce, he looked forward to getting a fresh start in life. What he didn’t realize was that his former wife had taken their mutual friends as part of the settlement.

He feared that he’d be alone forever until he met Jessica Mays, who was recovering from the loss of her one true love.

Can these two broken souls find some common ground to make a relationship work? Will Tom discover that there really is life after divorce?


The story is loosely based on actual events from the life of yours truly. When I went through a divorce a number of years ago I made a shocking discovery – most of the mutual friends we had suddenly evaporated. Many of them stopped speaking to me and much like the protagonist in my story I had to start all over. Did I get my happy ending? Read the book to find out.

Monday, December 16, 2013

This Week's Special Guest Shane Filer

Shane Filer writes novels and comics. He lives in New Zealand with a very old Tonkinese cat. He likes oranges, orange juice, and orange furniture — in fact even the color orange. Why? Well, because it's the best color, of course.

While he believes that being a grown up is not all it's cracked up to be, he still enjoys ruining his appetite before dinner, and staying up past his bed time.

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Some births have a very long gestation period. In the case of EXIT its conception goes back to my lonely teenage years sitting in my bedroom listening to Joy Division and the Smiths, reading the poetry of Emily Bronte and the comics of Alan Moore while a poster of Ian Curtis watches down serenely from my wall. EXIT is a baby I have been carrying for a very long time. To take that analogy further if I am indeed EXIT’s mother, then its father might well have been Morrissey, Curtis, Bronte or Moore. Perhaps a literary Ménage à trois from all the above suitors. I was unfaithful. I forget. Perhaps I was drunk?

Of course novelists influenced me too, but these writers coming from the disparate fields of music, poetry and comics gave me something other than the obvious tools of story, plot and characterization: they gave me attitude, and an ideal for living. The conviction that you could write as yourself, even in a field where you were different. You didn’t have to follow trends or do what was popular at the time. You do what you do and do it well. It endures. I guess if you extrapolate that ideal then in life you should be yourself and hopefully people will like you and what you do, and if they don’t well at least you have been faithful to yourself.

EXIT came after writing an aborted (no pun intended) first novel which never quite held together or said what I wanted it to say. I think because throughout it I was finding my voice as a writer, and I remember looking it over and seeing that journey; there were bits that sounded like Alan Moore, bits like Anais Ninn, bits like a slice-of-life writer named Alice Hoffman who I liked a lot at the time, probably many other influences. But towards the end, it started to sound like someone else. Someone who wasn’t quite so easy to nail down.

By the time I had finished it I was sounding like myself. Of course I could have gone back and revised this first book, but by then another idea had hooked and taken my imagination to another place. The image of a lonely young Drew Barrymore-like girl standing in her room with her hands pressed to a glass window pane, watching the people pass in the world outside, but unable to go outside. This was the other thing I learned is a novel is such a commitment, you have to write not only something you know, but also something you must write, and have to share because you are the only one who will write this story. If you don’t it dies with you.

So how does it feel now it’s about to finally be published? Perhaps a little sad. Because if the book is my child, and in a sense it is, then I have learned as all parents must face one day, that the child will leave, it will no longer be theirs. It never was. It belongs to the world.

EXIT now belongs to the world too.

EXIT by Shane Filer

When your mind is your best friend, and your own worst enemy...

"Did you know I spent the whole of my fifteenth year in my room?"

Briar’s impromptu, mid-afternoon confession stirs up distant memories of the lonely time she spent trapped in her home; suffering agoraphobia — fear of open spaces.

Now it’s six years later.

She’s free, but the year's isolation has left serious personality disorders; disorders which will resurface as she relates her own story, and that of those in her orbit; Melodie, a pretty valley girl who Briar desires to be, Justine, her oldest friend, who has her own dark secret, and Dermot, a man who thinks he's the reincarnation of Robin Hood — stealing from the rich to give to the poor.

Slowly Dermot begins to draw Briar into his ever-so-exciting world, but who is leading whom on their slow descent into crime? Duel periods of Briar’s life intertwine like a rope around her neck as her lost year begins to overtake the present. It leads her to the answer to one very simple question:

“Is it what I always feared — am I losing my mind?”


Thursday, August 29, 2013

Shiloh Walker's The Protected Tour

THE PROTECTED by Shiloh Walker

FBI Psychics # 4

Agent Vaughnne MacMeans would do anything to avoid setting foot in Orlando again. But her new assignment, keeping tabs on a psychic kid who may or may not be in danger, is forcing her right back to the city where her sister was murdered. And the Special Agent in Charge isn’t taking no for an answer.

Protecting the boy Alex is a priority for Gus. Gus may not understand the boy’s “gift” but he just knows that some people would kill for it. When a beautiful stranger moves in next door, his impulse is to take the kid and run. But Gus has learned never to flee without a plan, and besides…she doesn’t exactly look like an assassin.

When some dangerous people from Gus’s past catch up to him and Alex, it’s too late to run. His cute neighbor is the last person he thought he could turn to, but Vaughnne isn’t just cute. She’s fearless. And she’s the only chance Gus and Alex have left.


Enter to win a prize pack from Author Shiloh Walker… prizes will include:

$50 GC to either BN, BAMM or Amazon
Signed copies the previous FBI Psychic books, including: The Missing The Departed The Reunited Hot In Handcuffs (includes the novella The Unwilling)
A Download of The Unwanted
A signed copy of WRECKED, a contemporary from Shiloh Walker
A tote bag
A notebook
Bath goodies from LUSH cosmetics
A signed copy of Angel’s Blood by Nalini Singh
A unsigned copy of Games People Play by Shelby Reed
…and more stuff may be added as the days go by
….visit for details

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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This Week's Special Guest Blogger - Ava Snow

Ava Snow didn't always like to read. Her love for books came along at a time when she needed to get away from everyday life. Now she has a couple book cases and a storage unit with boxes full of books. Reading just about any genre will make her happy but when she got a hold of Shayla Black, Lora Leigh, Maya Banks, and Lori Foster to name a few, BDSM has become her most favorite.

Writing never crossed her mind until some very special people pushed her. Now she’s got the bug and with the encouragement of some dear friends and a wonderful family she hasn’t looked back.

Ava lives on the east coast with her two almost grown children. She loves almost all kinds of music, dancing, action and horror movies, to cook and bake. All those things centered around a good book. If she’s reading don’t interrupt you might get hurt. LOL

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I was drawn to short erotica by my love for reading and a foray into role play. I saw these wonderful stories being written out on Facebook and my first thought was WOW!! I got lost in the stories. The writers just drew me in and never let me go. I saw an advertisement for an open role; thought why the hell not. I asked about the role, was given a chance to write and I haven’t looked back since. Meeting some wonderful people through these pages, they gave me loads of encouragement to write a short. I wasn’t sure I could write a full length novel. The one thing I kept hearing was, “You can write a short story, you write that in one SL. What could it hurt?” So I said what the hell, sat down at the computer and wrote the story that was running through my head. I found that I enjoyed putting to paper the voices I heard in my dreams, giving them a life of their own. They made me smile, cry, laugh. Now I find that I love writing the shorter stories. When my son sees me at the computer lately he says, “Are you writing another story?” I just smile, nod and continue with the new passion I have found.

My first story was published at the beginning of this year and the only time I was happier was when my kids were born. The reception I received was humbling and made me proud that I listened. Since then I’ve had two more published; Love Unbound, the second in the House of Doms series and Governmental Affairs, a collaboration with my fabulously awesome friend Cleo Taurus. I’ve also finished the third House book and working on a Dragon shifter short.

Someone asked me what a day in my writing life was like. All I could say was that it varies. If it’s during the week I only get a chance to write in the evenings when I get off work. I come home, talk to my kid then get comfortable at my desk and put to paper what has been running through my head all day. If it’s on the weekend and I don’t have any running around to do, I spend hours at my desk writing. Everyone has to fend for themselves.

I never thought I’d write a story let alone write one with someone else. The experience of writing with Cleo is like none other. She kept me on my toes and we talked, laughed and cried the whole time. I do believe you’ll see that in our story. We are working on the second installment and I believe it may be better than the first.

Speaking of Cleo, here she is to tell you about her love for writing.

I’ve always loved to write, and I couldn’t stop even if no one ever bought another story of mine. I write for me, for the hole inside me that only gets filled when I’m in the middle of a great story! My characters talk to me; I can feel their hearts beating as sure as I can hear my own. I laugh when they laugh and when they cry, so do I. I love nothing more than sitting down in front of a blank screen and filling it up with words. When Ava came to me and said ‘hey, let’s write a book!’ I was so happy to! I have been a big fan of hers, and more importantly, she’s a true and great friend. We worked together so well, it was as if our boys in the story Governmental Affairs couldn’t talk fast enough! 

We knew almost immediately, that this needed to be a two partner. The way our heroes loved, fought, and struggled with the obstacles they faced just trying to be and stay together was too big for just one story. People who’ve never written with a partner miss the sheer joy of having someone else to bounce ideas off of. With Ava and myself, we could and did talk about everything, and that’s the way a true partnership should be. Ava and I love our boys, and we hope, you all will as well. 

Look for the all our books from Horny Devil Publishing anyplace you get e-books are sold. 

In love with books her entire life, making the transition from reader to Author was a risk Cleo Taurus was, until recently too scared to make. It took a group of close dear friends who believed in her enough to give her the courage to give it a try. Cleo's characters are all drawn from real life experiences, only the names have been changed to protect her from them if they ever found out! (lol) An avid photographer, lover of the outdoors, with an active and quite naughty imagination sometimes, Writing fills a void in her life. Cleo writes for Cleo, and that the fans like what she does is the cherry on top of a great big banana split. Please feel free to look her up on Facebook, under Cleo Taurus. Leave a comment, ask a question, whatever you feel like doing!


Monday, July 15, 2013

This Week's Special Guest - Tory Richards

Tory Richards describes herself as a grandma who likes to read and write smut. She's also a mother, daughter, aunt, sister, friend and author. After losing her soul mate of seventeen years, and retiring from Disney, she moved in with her daughter and her family. Sharing her woman-cave with four felines whose main goal in life is to get as much hair onto everything that they can. So far they're doing a stellar job!

Tory has been writing since the dawn of ages, which for her began in 1955. She discovered at the ripe old age of ten that she liked writing stories, beginning with pen and paper until receiving her first manual typewriter at thirteen. Shortly after boys and life got in the way and her typewriter and many unfinished stories got pushed to the back of her closet.

The years went by, blah, blah, blah, until the day arrived when Tory bought her first computer. She took up writing again, updated many of her yellow-paged stories, and submitted to a publisher after her family encouraged her. She just wanted to shut them up, really! And the rest, as they say, is history. Tory's first book Cupid's Arrow, under her real name Debbie Wallace, was on the publisher's best sellers list for two consecutive months! The end.

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Hi folks!

I’m so happy to be here! July 15th marks the release of my 20th ebook, Bishop’s Angel.  When my first book became published in 2005 I never dreamed that I would reach this milestone. I don’t believe it’s a goal any writer sets, as who knows what life will bring, or what kind of distractions get in the way. During the years that followed 2005 I’ve had a best seller, attended the 2009 Romantic Times Book Lovers Convention,  bought and sold several homes, traveled to Europe, experienced the joy of becoming a grandmother twice,  lost my mom and hubby, retired from Disney, and moved in with my daughter and her family.

Even though Bishop’s Angel is book #20 for me, I have two other books coming out this year. My next one is Burning Hunger, book #3 in a trilogy I hadn’t really planned. It began with A Perfect Fit, and continued into a second book, Surrender to Desire. Too many readers had written me after reading A Perfect Fit, asking for stories on the other two brothers in book one.  If you haven’t read any of the stand alone, erotic romances, the Evans brothers, Beau, Blake and Chaz,  are triplets. The heroines in the first two books are ladies with curves.

My first paranormal, The Mating Ritual should also be out later in the year. But I’m here to talk about Bishop’s Angel today.  In celebration, from 7/14-7/16 ONLY, get a free copy! Details on how are below.

1 – sign up for my newsletter, you can find the form at the top of the page on my blog -

2 – like my new facebook fan page,

3 – leave your email addy, and a comment telling me you’ve done both, on the Bishop’s Angel release day post on my blog -

After ten years of sacrificing everything for his country as a Navy SEAL, Bishop is looking for salvation, and a little something more permanent in his life.

Angel, a pretty kindergarten teacher, thinks she's just what he needs. Their chemistry is instant, and explosive, only Bishop has trouble letting go of his commitment to his country.

It's up to Angel to prove there's room for her in his future.



“The police are on the way, ma’am. Where is the intruder now?” the operator asked.

Angel listened for a moment. “He’s still in the kitchen.”

“Is the intruder male?”

“No, no!” Angel said, and then quickly lowered her voice when she realized she’d spoken too loud. “I don’t know if it’s a woman or a man.” She’d been too afraid to look when she had the chance. Movement coming from the kitchen told her the intruder was still there, but for how long? She was crouched at the end of the couch, too afraid to turn around, frightened that at any moment she would be discovered. “Please hurry!”

“They’re on their way. Stay calm and—”

 “I think he’s in the room with me!” Angel’s eyes rounded with fear when she sensed someone moving up behind her.

“Ma’am stay on—”

Angel knew the intruder was behind her now. She stood up, whipped around and slammed her phone into the side of his head with a piercing scream. All she could make out was a tall, dark outline.

“What the fuck—” a male voice boomed.

Angel let out another scream and slammed her hands against a massive chest, shoving him away from her as hard as she could. Her only thought was making it back upstairs to the safety of her room until the police arrived, but the second her palms landed on the man’s rock-hard chest she knew she was in trouble. He stumbled back but she had a feeling it was due more to her catching him by surprise than the force of her push.

She scooted around him but suddenly his hands were on her, and for a moment they struggled against each other. Angel was hyped up on adrenaline and a strong sense of survival, and she used her nails and teeth on the naked arms and powerful hands trying to subdue her. It gained her enough freedom to make it to the stairs but halfway up she found her ankle being grabbed, she fell, and then she was pinned beneath a heavy weight.

“No!” she cried out, struggling wildly against him. But she was no match for his superior strength and the honed muscles she felt beneath her hands. In no time his hands had wrapped around her wrists, and she was pinned against the stairs.

“Who the hell are you?” he demanded, his face too close to hers.

“Who the hell are you?” Angel demanded right back, twisting beneath him. It was then she felt cool air in places that she shouldn’t, reminding her that all she had on was a thin night-shirt and a pair of bikini panties. Judging by the super hard pecks she felt pressed against her breasts, her shirt had come undone, too. An insane thought crossed her mind, why he wasn’t wearing a shirt.  She wiggled wildly, unintentionally scraping her nipples across his flesh.

“Stop before you get hurt!” he growled. In an effort to subdue her he pressed his body against hers.

“Then get off me!” Angel hissed, arching her body in an effort to throw him off her. His muscled thighs and powerful legs flexed against hers, easily holding hers still.

“Not until you tell me who you are,” he grated in a rough voice.

His warm breath slapped her in the face. “I live here,” Angel said without hesitation, glaring up into his shadowed face. She was aware there was no way he could see her because it was too dark.

“The hell you do.”

How did he know that? “The police are on their way so I suggest you let me up and get out of here.” Her energy was beginning to wane. He was too strong and big, and the longer they remained like that, the more she began to feel uncomfortable with their intimate proximity.

“Good. Then we can get to the bottom of this.”

That wasn’t the kind of response an intruder would make if he were caught in someone else’s house. Maybe he was delusional or something. Angel decided to switch tactics. “These stairs are hurting me,” she said weakly.

Things grew still between them and she sensed his silent contemplation, as if he were wondering if he should believe her. She whimpered a little for good measure.

“Okay, I’m going to let you up, but don’t try anything stupid,” he warned.

The second he released her and lifted off her body, Angel got to her feet and dashed the rest of the way up the stairs.

“Son of a bitch!” he cursed behind her.

Angel slammed and locked her bedroom door in his face. She didn’t know what she hoped to accomplish, except to get away from him until the police arrived. What was taking them so long? She ran to one of the windows and opened it. Maybe she could push out a screen and—

Without warning her bedroom door was kicked in. She screamed and made a beeline for her connecting bathroom.

“Oh, no, you don’t.”

A muscular arm wrapped around Angel’s waist and she was lifted off her feet. “Let me go!” She wiggled and kicked, very much aware that her butt was against a very intimate part of his body. Burning heat replaced the fear flowing through her blood because his cock wasn’t as flaccid as it should have been.

“Look,” he slammed her down onto the bed and for the second time she found herself pinned beneath his superior strength. “Before this goes any further I think we need to talk.”

“You can talk to the police,” she panted, twisting beneath him.

“I intend to,” he said without hesitation. There was a confidence in his tone that surprised her.

Without warning he reached up and turned on the reading light at the head of the bed. How did he know that was there? Meeting eyes the color of blue topaz, everything in Angel froze, including her breath. Oh God, I know those eyes! She didn’t know the man personally, but she knew of him from the pictures on the fireplace mantle downstairs. He was Diana’s older brother, and Navy SEAL Bishop Strong. Suddenly everything made perfect sense.

After six years, he’d finally come home! 


Thank you for having me today!