Thursday, August 29, 2013

Shiloh Walker's The Protected Tour

THE PROTECTED by Shiloh Walker

FBI Psychics # 4

Agent Vaughnne MacMeans would do anything to avoid setting foot in Orlando again. But her new assignment, keeping tabs on a psychic kid who may or may not be in danger, is forcing her right back to the city where her sister was murdered. And the Special Agent in Charge isn’t taking no for an answer.

Protecting the boy Alex is a priority for Gus. Gus may not understand the boy’s “gift” but he just knows that some people would kill for it. When a beautiful stranger moves in next door, his impulse is to take the kid and run. But Gus has learned never to flee without a plan, and besides…she doesn’t exactly look like an assassin.

When some dangerous people from Gus’s past catch up to him and Alex, it’s too late to run. His cute neighbor is the last person he thought he could turn to, but Vaughnne isn’t just cute. She’s fearless. And she’s the only chance Gus and Alex have left.


Enter to win a prize pack from Author Shiloh Walker… prizes will include:

$50 GC to either BN, BAMM or Amazon
Signed copies the previous FBI Psychic books, including: The Missing The Departed The Reunited Hot In Handcuffs (includes the novella The Unwilling)
A Download of The Unwanted
A signed copy of WRECKED, a contemporary from Shiloh Walker
A tote bag
A notebook
Bath goodies from LUSH cosmetics
A signed copy of Angel’s Blood by Nalini Singh
A unsigned copy of Games People Play by Shelby Reed
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Monday, August 5, 2013

This Week's Special Guest Blogger - Ava Snow

Ava Snow didn't always like to read. Her love for books came along at a time when she needed to get away from everyday life. Now she has a couple book cases and a storage unit with boxes full of books. Reading just about any genre will make her happy but when she got a hold of Shayla Black, Lora Leigh, Maya Banks, and Lori Foster to name a few, BDSM has become her most favorite.

Writing never crossed her mind until some very special people pushed her. Now she’s got the bug and with the encouragement of some dear friends and a wonderful family she hasn’t looked back.

Ava lives on the east coast with her two almost grown children. She loves almost all kinds of music, dancing, action and horror movies, to cook and bake. All those things centered around a good book. If she’s reading don’t interrupt you might get hurt. LOL

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I was drawn to short erotica by my love for reading and a foray into role play. I saw these wonderful stories being written out on Facebook and my first thought was WOW!! I got lost in the stories. The writers just drew me in and never let me go. I saw an advertisement for an open role; thought why the hell not. I asked about the role, was given a chance to write and I haven’t looked back since. Meeting some wonderful people through these pages, they gave me loads of encouragement to write a short. I wasn’t sure I could write a full length novel. The one thing I kept hearing was, “You can write a short story, you write that in one SL. What could it hurt?” So I said what the hell, sat down at the computer and wrote the story that was running through my head. I found that I enjoyed putting to paper the voices I heard in my dreams, giving them a life of their own. They made me smile, cry, laugh. Now I find that I love writing the shorter stories. When my son sees me at the computer lately he says, “Are you writing another story?” I just smile, nod and continue with the new passion I have found.

My first story was published at the beginning of this year and the only time I was happier was when my kids were born. The reception I received was humbling and made me proud that I listened. Since then I’ve had two more published; Love Unbound, the second in the House of Doms series and Governmental Affairs, a collaboration with my fabulously awesome friend Cleo Taurus. I’ve also finished the third House book and working on a Dragon shifter short.

Someone asked me what a day in my writing life was like. All I could say was that it varies. If it’s during the week I only get a chance to write in the evenings when I get off work. I come home, talk to my kid then get comfortable at my desk and put to paper what has been running through my head all day. If it’s on the weekend and I don’t have any running around to do, I spend hours at my desk writing. Everyone has to fend for themselves.

I never thought I’d write a story let alone write one with someone else. The experience of writing with Cleo is like none other. She kept me on my toes and we talked, laughed and cried the whole time. I do believe you’ll see that in our story. We are working on the second installment and I believe it may be better than the first.

Speaking of Cleo, here she is to tell you about her love for writing.

I’ve always loved to write, and I couldn’t stop even if no one ever bought another story of mine. I write for me, for the hole inside me that only gets filled when I’m in the middle of a great story! My characters talk to me; I can feel their hearts beating as sure as I can hear my own. I laugh when they laugh and when they cry, so do I. I love nothing more than sitting down in front of a blank screen and filling it up with words. When Ava came to me and said ‘hey, let’s write a book!’ I was so happy to! I have been a big fan of hers, and more importantly, she’s a true and great friend. We worked together so well, it was as if our boys in the story Governmental Affairs couldn’t talk fast enough! 

We knew almost immediately, that this needed to be a two partner. The way our heroes loved, fought, and struggled with the obstacles they faced just trying to be and stay together was too big for just one story. People who’ve never written with a partner miss the sheer joy of having someone else to bounce ideas off of. With Ava and myself, we could and did talk about everything, and that’s the way a true partnership should be. Ava and I love our boys, and we hope, you all will as well. 

Look for the all our books from Horny Devil Publishing anyplace you get e-books are sold. 

In love with books her entire life, making the transition from reader to Author was a risk Cleo Taurus was, until recently too scared to make. It took a group of close dear friends who believed in her enough to give her the courage to give it a try. Cleo's characters are all drawn from real life experiences, only the names have been changed to protect her from them if they ever found out! (lol) An avid photographer, lover of the outdoors, with an active and quite naughty imagination sometimes, Writing fills a void in her life. Cleo writes for Cleo, and that the fans like what she does is the cherry on top of a great big banana split. Please feel free to look her up on Facebook, under Cleo Taurus. Leave a comment, ask a question, whatever you feel like doing!