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Tim Smith's Tiki Hut Winner

Thanks to everyone who stopped by to visit with Tim last week as he talked about his new release MEMORIES DIE LAST and congrats to Mary S - your name was drawn as our winner!  Be on the lookout for an email from Tim with your prize!

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This Week At The Tiki Hut - Tim Smith

This week on our Tiki Hut Blog, we welcome author Tim Smith as he celebrates the release of MEMORIES DIE LAST, his first Nick Seven Story published with eXtasy Books.

Tim Smith is an award-winning author of numerous books, ranging from thrillers to contemporary erotic romance. He is also a freelance photographer and when he isn’t pursuing these two passions, he works in the human services field as a case manager for adults with disabilities.

Memories Die Last is actually a re-boot of my first published novel that came out nine years ago in print, but with numerous changes. All I saved was the title, the characters and the basic plot. Everything else was rewritten to build up the romance between the lead characters. I’m pleased to be able to offer it in e-book format for the first time.

I enjoyed the challenge of rewriting and updating this story for the romance market. It isn’t often you get the chance to do a makeover and it was fun. I especially enjoyed developing the relationship between the two lead characters. In the first version there were sparks and sex, but this time I got to do it right and fully develop the attraction between Nick and Felicia. I was also able to fine tune the intrigue and thriller aspects, as well as updating the story to reflect current themes.

The opportunity came about as a result of the stars being correctly aligned. This book and my second one were both up for contract renewal with my former publisher, but I wasn’t keen on the idea of re-signing. By this time I had developed a niche with Extasy Books in the contemporary romance genre, and my e-books were outselling my print books. I made an inquiry with my Editor in Chief, and she was eager to have this series in their catalog.

As they say, it’s all about being in the right place at the right time.



A Nick Seven Book

A former CIA spook, the woman he always wanted but couldn’t have, and a nemesis from their past all come together in an explosive mix of intrigue and espionage.

What happens when your life is turned inside out by something from your past that won’t leave you alone? Former CIA operative Nick Seven finds out when his peaceful life in The Florida Keys is disrupted by the appearance of an old nemesis he thought was buried alongside the painful memory of a personal tragedy.

Nick reluctantly gets back into the spy game to settle an old score and is pleasantly surprised to find himself paired with beautiful Felicia Hagens, a former co-worker from Barbados. Together they uncover a complex maze of intrigue, espionage and high-level government corruption. The assignment gets more complicated when they realize they have unrequited feelings for each other.

Can Nick finally hit the elusive target and reclaim his personal corner of paradise? Will Felicia return to Barbados or stay with the rugged former spy she’s always had a secret thing for?


WIN - Leave Tim a question this week at the Tiki Hut and your name goes in the hat for a ebook copy of his erotic romance, MISTLETOE AND PALM TREES. Please leave your email address so we can contact you if you are today's winner - Good Luck!

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This Week's Special Guest Marie Treanor

This week at the AuthorIsland Tiki Hut, Marie Treanor's is stopping by to talk about her release BLOOD ETERNAL, book three in her Awakened By Blood Series and how hard it was to end her trilogy.

Marie was born and bred in Scotland, but for some years moved around the UK working and studying. Now she's back home and happily married with three young children. Having grown bored with city life, her family lives in a picturesque village by the sea where, instead of working for a living, Marie is lucky enough to be able to enjoy herself writing stories of romance and fantasy.

She draws the inspiration for her books mainly from the people around her and from Scotland's rich history and culture - with, of course, large helpings of fun and imagination!


Awakened by Blood… How can it end?
By Marie Treanor

For some time now, I’ve found these words echoing around in my head. More recently, as the release date of Blood Eternal has come and gone, it’s been in the sense of, “How can I bear to leave this world and these people?” Because obviously, after two years and three novels, the main characters of the Awakened by Blood trilogy are almost like family to me!

But the question was bothering me long before that. Obviously, I want readers to be intrigued enough to wonder how it will all end. However, as I began to think out the details of the final book, I found myself scratching my head and thinking, “How can it end?” As in how can I make the ending work? How can I resolve all these impossible situations? Because I already knew the ending I’d originally planned just wasn’t going to happen. Elizabeth and Saloman wouldn’t allow it.

In case you’ve no idea what I’m rambling about – and who could blame you? – I’d better begin at the beginning, and explain that Awakened by Blood is a trilogy of vampire romances/urban fantasy novels featuring a powerful, sexy, enigmatic hero - the vampire Saloman - and his strange love affair with Elizabeth Silk, the young academic who accidentally awakens him from a death-like sleep that’s held him captive for three hundred years.

Blood on Silk opened the trilogy last September, followed by Blood Sin in April this year; and the finale of the series, Blood Eternal, released on 4th October.

As enemies, allies and lovers, Elizabeth and Saloman have fought their way across Eastern Europe, Scotland, New York, and other exotic locations, trying to resolve their turbulent passions while facing down the threats to the world of both vampires and rogue humans. And now, just as the secret of their relationship is out, the secret of vampire existence is also erupting, and Saloman has to confront his painful past in order to save Elizabeth and ensure his future.

However, I deliberately set Saloman and Elizabeth up to oppose each other. Saloman needs to kill Elizabeth in order to gain the mystical strength of his Awakener, which will help him take his revenge on his betrayers and rule the world. Elizabeth needs to kill Saloman to stop him from ruling the world, and from doing all the dreadful things vampires do in the process.

Elizabeth is a little shy, a little introverted and naive, when she first encounters Saloman, but she has to grow very fast into her role as unofficial hunter, just to stay alive when all the vampires in the world want to kill her. Plus, she has to deal with the mind-boggling notion that Saloman, who makes no secret of his attraction to her, sees nothing wrong in making love to her one night and killing her in the morning. In fact, he believes that in giving her a little happiness first, he’s being kind. Saloman just isn’t human.

In addition, Elizabeth’s a good person, and recognizes her duty. So even when she falls in love with Saloman – after all he is fascinating and incredibly sexy - she still knows she has to kill him. Only, of course, she can’t. And as it turns out Saloman’s obsession with her sees him finding ways around his need for her death.

By the beginning of Blood Eternal, this unlikely couple is in a recognized relationship, however troubled, and things are spiraling out of control. Saloman’s rule is having unforeseen effects on both vampires and humans. The vampire hunters who’d become Elizabeth’s closest friends no longer trust her, now that she’s sleeping with the enemy. And of course, Elizabeth and Saloman haven’t really resolved their differences. Saloman is still hell-bent on ruling the world, although he may have adjusted his tactics, and Elizabeth is equally determined not to let him.

Elizabeth has always known she’d never accept immortality, even from Saloman. But now, troubled by prophecy, destiny, mysterious illness and acute temptation, Elizabeth re-examines her options, with and without Saloman. Events force both of them to choose sides and make difficult decisions.

And yet I couldn’t let either of them just give in! It isn’t in Elizabeth’s nature to roll over and follow Saloman blindly, just because she loves him. And would the mighty Saloman really give up his dream of world domination just to please a human woman?

I discovered I’d written myself into a bit of a corner with these characters. Because no matter how strong their feelings for each other, if one of them doesn’t give way, where the hell is the “happy ever after”? In parting and new loves? In “true death” for both of them? As the forces stack up against them, this becomes a genuine possibility.

So how did I fight my way through this morass of tragic impossibilities and find the ending to Blood Eternal?

I didn’t. Elizabeth and Saloman did it for me J. I let them fight it out on paper, with themselves and each other and their friends and enemies, and Blood Eternal is how it ends. For the time being, at least J

But I would love to know your opinion. Can you understand a strong hero or heroine who “gives in” for the sake of love? (I mean, of course, on more important issues than whose turn it is to wash the dishes!). Is it justified, or would it annoy you? Let me know!


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This Week's Special Guest Jacquelyn Frank

Today on our AuthorIsland Tiki Hut, we welcome Jacquelyn Frank as she celebrates the release of ADAM, the sixth book in her bestselling Nightwalkers Series and tells us a bit about the series and her new book.

A native New Yorker, currently living in North Carolina, Jacquelyn Frank loves animals, specifically cats, to a point of insanity. She loves her boys like she would honest to goodness children.

Jacquelyn Frank is the New York Times bestselling author of Seduce Me in Dreams, the Nightwalkers series (Jacob, Gideon, Elijah, Damien, and Noah), the Shadowdwellers novels (Ecstasy, Rapture, and Pleasure), and the Gatherers novels (Hunting Julian and Stealing Katherine). She lives in North Carolina and has been writing romantic fiction ever since she picked up her first teen romance at age thirteen.


Hey all! Guess what happens this week? Yeah, okay, so you don’t have to guess. ADAM RELEASES!! WOOT!!!! ADAM!! Book six in the Nightwalkers series, comes out on October 25th! YAY! Okay, so I am a little overexcited. What can I say? These past few months have been incredibly hard on me, so I am taking my excitement where I can get it. And here is definitely where I get it…

Oh don’t tell me you haven’t heard about ADAM! The next installment in the NIGHTWALKERS series? Come on people, get with it! You’ve been dying for this release for almost three years! Look, I’m not teasing this time! I have the cover to prove it. ☺

Ain’t he purty? I love his chesticles. They are my favorite. ☺

But in case you’re a newbie and haven’t read my work here is a little insight into my Nightwalker world…

There have always been people who live on the fringes of society, but what if there were entire species living on the fringe of human existence? We tell the tales of vampires and other things that go bump in the night, but imagine if there were entire cultures living alternate lives and life cycles to day-worshiping humans. This is part of the premise of my Nightwalkers series. Demons, Vampires, Lycanthropes and more, each its own race, its own society, living outside of human discovery. (For the most part. Apparently we’ve crossed paths enough to create our monstrous perceptions of them.) The series starts with the Demon race and slowly blossoms out into others, both known and unknown. They are complex cultures with histories they champion and histories they regret just as we do. When their existence begins to bleed into ours, it makes for some very intriguing discoveries about how very similar we all can be at our core…and how sometimes fate has plans for us we have absolutely no control over…wouldn’t you agree? So with that being said I hope you enjoy this small taste of what’s to come when fate decides she’s in the mood to play ☺


He changed form in the blink of an eye, morphing from man to a deluge of water that dashed against her face and body. But unlike normal water he did not cascade off of her and fall to the ground. Instead, he flowed over her supple body, slowly washing over and around her, covering her inch by inch. He felt the smoothness of her skin beneath his touch, the weight of her breasts…tasted the hard points of her nipples.

She gasped in shock when he first hit her, but that shock quickly changed to something deeper and far sultrier. The sound that erupted from her as he flowed over her was nothing short of purest sin. He took satisfaction in it.

And even as he covered the most intimate inches of her skin with his exploration, he knew he was going too far. It had gone too far the moment he had sat in the brush to stare at her as she bathed. But this, what he was doing now, it was a whole other level of perversion, and as glorious as she felt, he knew he was stepping way over the line.

Did you enjoy that? Now rush out and buy the book!

I’d like to take this opportunity to give you all cyber hugs, answer a few questions and say thank you SO much for your devotion to this series. That has allowed it to be translated into over half a dozen foreign languages including German, Thai, Portuguese an now the entire set is available in audio format by Tantor Media! (The fabulous Xe Sands does our gang of men and their ladies proud!) Anyway, I have wondrous things planned for you and this world in the future. Follow my on my website, Facebook, Twitter and blog and I’ll keep you up to date on me, my books, my life, my peeves, my cats, my kid…basically all the floatsam of my life. Oh, and on Facebook we have a neat roleplaying page you ought to join called Jacquelyn Frank’s Nightwalker World official role-play page. You get to watch actors play your favorite NIGHTWALKER characters, get to oogle the Hump Day Hunks on Wednesdays and a variety of other things as well. Oh, and the person who plays Ruth (cough) is sick and twisted and does a FABULOUS job, if I do say so myself. Hehehe. So…on to all the juicy details my avid and diehard readers have been waiting patiently to know…

*Yes, I do have plans for Tristan from the Shadowdwellers to get his HEA eventually. What form and time this takes shape in is a grey area at present, but there is an intention.

*Yes, I do have plans for the next installment in the Nightwalkers universe, and it is going to be spectacular! And as soon as it’s in writing you all will be the first to know because I will be shouting it from the mountaintops ☺

*My original intent when I finished Drink of Me was for it to be a stand-alone title. However, after massive amounts of fan mail begging me to continue, I have decided to give the idea some careful consideration.

If you haven’t heard of me or tried me before, I hope you will. A good place to start is either Book One of the Nightwalkers series, JACOB, or
my stand alone title DRINK OF ME! I hope you pick up ADAM. It definitely stands on its own even if you have not read the first. (But I, personally, am a stickler for reading things in their correct order)

Here is a sample of JACOB on audio, ENJOY!

Also don’t forget SUPERNATURAL, an anthology that gives my devoted readers a long-awaited insight into what exactly transpires between Kane and Corrine that very first Samhain night. Remember, Corrine was near death that night, and Demon instincts don’t make leeway for fragility in a mate. (Especially since Demon mates are not usually fragile humans!) So what’s a Demon obsessed with mating to do? Check it out and see, In Stores Now!!

Thank you so much for having me, It’s been a blast!
Hugs & Kitties,
Jacki Frank

Jacquelyn lives in the Western North Carolina mountain area around Asheville with her ten male cats (no, that isn’t a typo) and about ten thousand voices in her head. Rather than take heavy meds to chase them away, (the voices, not the cats) she indulges them and brings their stories to life. She’s lived in many places and worked many jobs, which she says makes her ‘colorful, not inconstant.’ She is always rescuing one stray or another, be they animal or human, and thinks the invention of electronic reading devices could only be improved if they could just manage to make them smell like ink and paper. A self-admitted techno-geek, she loves all kinds of gadgetry.

She believes every romance should have a happily ever after.

You can often find her on Facebook. Join her fan page at:  or visit her website at . There you will find a blog, notices of upcoming book releases and personal appearances, an FAQ (frequently asked questions), and ways to follow her on Twitter. Email her personally at or snail-mail her at P.O. Box 2164 Skyland, NC 28776.

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This Week's Special Guest Nina Pierce

This week at the AuthorIsland Tiki Hut, we welcome author Nina Pierce to talk about romance novels and her new book DECEIVE HER WITH DESIRE.

Award-winning erotic romance author, Nina Pierce, grew up in a house full of readers. So becoming enamored with books was only natural. She discovered romance stories in her early teens, falling hopelessly in love with knights in shining armor and the damsels who saved them.

Eventually, reading about alpha males and the journey to find their happy-ever-after endings wasn’t enough. She needed to pen her own stories of fated loves and soul mates. Nina’s discovered the passionate side of romance with her sexy stories. For her, it’s all about the sweet scent of seduction mixed with the heartwarming aroma of romance.

Nina resides in the northeast with her high school sweetheart and soul mate of twenty-seven years, their three grown children and several very spoiled cats who consider her “staff”.

WEBSITE   ***    BLOG   ***    FACEBOOK   ***     TWITTER

A Romance by Any Other Name
Nina Pierce

Like so many writers, I’ve read lots and lots and lots and lots of books. I read titles in a variety of genres from science fiction to historical, medical thrillers to mysteries, but I always come back to my all time favorite—romance. The wonderful thing about today’s romance is that it comes in all subgenres.

I’ve been finding blogs and twitter posts recently from readers who were incensed that the paranormal or urban fantasy book they were reading was classified as a romance. They were disgusted that the world was too well developed to be a romance, appalled the plot was too deep for romance or that the characters were too multi-dimensional to be romance. And I just want to scream. What the heck are they thinking about romance stories?

I’m a well educated woman. I’m neither lonely nor bored (though I’d happily suffer through a night of boredom *g*). I’m happily married to a wonderful man who fulfills my every need, often and on a regular basis. LOL! The point is, I don’t read romance to fill a missing void, I read romance because I enjoy it. *gasp* Yep, let me repeat that, romance stories offer me every subgenre I enjoy and I seek them out at the bookstore.

Of course this doesn’t surprise readers of romance. I’m not telling you anything you didn’t already know. I guess it’s just some of the general public out there that are very confused. I’ve heard people accuse romance writers of trying to disguise the true genre of their book through clever blurbs that boast rich characters and twisting plotlines. Yeah, whatever. We lovers of romance know that our reading tastes are based on good writing, solid stories and a love of the happy-ever-after, not a desire to fulfill an otherwise solitary existence. (Though a hunky hero or two never ruined my love of the romance genre. *wink*)

*** So tell me, what’s your favorite subgenre of romance? Anyone commenting will be eligible to win an ebook of “Blind Her With Bliss”, the first book in the Tilling Passions series and a set of romance trading cards. ***

Nina’s most recent romance release, “Deceive Her With Desire” is available for Kindle lovers ( Nook Lovers ( and in all other digital formats at Smashwords (


A woman determined to protect her heart…

Landscaping in Delmont, Maine hasn’t been DEIRDRE TILLING’s only passion. Up until two months ago, it had included a live-in lover. Jilted for the third time in as many years, Deirdre’s decided to give up on love. With her feet firmly planted on the path of one night stands, she finds herself heating up the sheets with a dark haired stranger she met at her new employer’s party. But one night with the man who is both sexy as hell and compassionate, may not be enough.

An agent hell bent on proving himself…

DEA agent, AYDEN SCOTT, has a lot to prove after a disastrous drug bust in Miami three years earlier that left a member of his team dead. Working undercover as lead investigator, he’s determined to bring down an elusive drug cartel smuggling heroin into central Maine. He’ll use any means necessary to complete his objective, including sleeping with the suspected drug Lord’s landscaper, Deirdre. He just hadn’t expected the feisty redhead to be so much more than long legs and dangerous curves.

One night neither of them can forget…

Deirdre and Ayden both thought one sexually explosive romp in the sack would be the end of their relationship. But Deirdre’s arrest for heroin possession and her father’s near-fatal heart attack prompts Ayden to confess his true identity. When Deirdre is kidnapped by the drug cartel and used as a pawn, Ayden is forced to choose between his heart and his mission. The question is…who will survive his decision?

The sun glistening off the windshield of the Jag had finally burned off the early morning fog.

“Turn here. The farmhouse is only a couple more miles.” Deirdre’s voice was weak.

“Do you need me to call anyone? Rachel? Mark?” Ayden asked.

“No, I talked with Rach when she was at the hospital. She’s going to call Shawn and let him know about my dad. There are a couple of small jobs I put off, but Rachel will go there with Mark and crew.” A small laugh escaped. “Of course in the middle of all that, the witch forgot to mention she’d told my sister about the drug mess.”

Ayden reached over and squeezed her leg. “You’re pretty lucky to have such a supportive family.” She looked so small, so defenseless, huddled in the leather seat. He didn’t know how to make this better. Ayden had lost his family so long ago he didn’t know the kind of strength that came from sharing grief. He knew for certain, after her tearful confession to Julie and Meghan about the arrest, Deirdre had nothing to do with Jameson’s drug operation. She’d told him the truth.

He owed her the same. But how much worse could the timing be?

After Sunday, after they busted Jameson, he’d tell Deirdre everything, all the sordid details of his life. He just didn’t know if the reality would send her running in the opposite direction.

That would be his luck.

He’d started this relationship looking for a distraction, but Deirdre had quickly become so much more than a casual affair. He’d felt her defenses fall away last night with her clothes. She’d given all of herself to him and allowed him into her family. He looked over at the woman who’d tied his emotions in knots and worried about her reaction to his confession.

Her mother had pulled him aside while Deirdre was sitting with her father. Men hadn’t treated her daughter well, and Alice hoped Ayden’s intentions were honorable. He hoped like hell they were too. He hadn’t had time to sort that one out yet.

But if the night had proven anything to Ayden, it’s that he wanted what the Tillings had. Actually, he wanted Deirdre, the rest of the package was just icing.

The familiar burn of doubt heated his gut and he absently reached for the antacids in the glove box.

“You all right?” Deirdre asked.

“Too much vending machine coffee and not enough sleep.” He popped a couple of tablets. Yeah, not even close to the truth. The fact was, when the Jameson deal went down, there was no way he was going to be able to walk away from the sexy redhead who’d crawled into his bed and wrapped herself around his heart.

But he also knew, after the emotional turmoil of the past twelve hours, Deirdre sure as hell wasn’t ready to hear that confession.

Ayden pulled the Jag into the dooryard of the farmhouse. There weren’t any neighbors visible in either direction, cars either. It occurred to him Deirdre’s welfare had taken priority over his undercover work. Not a smart move on his part. Not when Jameson seemed to be breathing down his neck. He hadn’t really been on the top of his game over the last few hours.

There was nothing he could do about it now.

Deirdre reached for the door handle, too tired to open it, her hand fell back to her lap. “I need a shower,” she mumbled.

“What you need, Deirdre, is some food and rest. You barely ate anything at the diner. Meghan promised to call if there was any change. You don’t need to be back at the hospital until this afternoon. You guys have a pretty good system going there. Rotating shifts with your mom.” Lifting her hand, Ayden rubbed it against his lips. “I don’t have any pressing business meetings today. Everything I need to do can be done by phone. Let me take care of you.”

“I’d like that.”

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This Week's Special Guest Marie Treanor

This week at the AuthorIsland Tiki Hut, Marie Treanor's is stopping by to talk about the setting of her upcoming release BLOOD ETERNAL, book three in her Awakened By Blood Series.

Marie was born and bred in Scotland, but for some years moved around the UK working and studying. Now she's back home and happily married with three young children.  Having grown bored with city life, her family lives in a picturesque village by the sea where, instead of working for a living, Marie is lucky enough to be able to enjoy herself writing stories of romance and fantasy.

She draws the inspiration for her books mainly from the people around her and from Scotland's rich history and culture - with, of course, large helpings of fun and imagination!

Blood Eternal – Where it all Happens
By Marie Treanor

When choosing the settings for my books, I always find it easiest to follow the old adage, “write what you know”. And although I haven’t visited every single place I’ve ever written about (some of them are made-up for a start!), I do like to have at least a vague knowledge of the country concerned.

Not that I want to fill my books with long descriptions that could double as accurate travel guides! But whether my characters are in a village I invented or in a well-known city inhabited by millions, I do like to be able to convey some kind of genuine atmosphere, a general feel of the place.

This is true in particular of my Awakened by Blood vampire romance novels, which are set in Romania, Hungary, Scotland, the United States and, most recently, Turkey. Apart from New York – where I confess I’ve never set foot and had to depend for my “feel” on film, television and internet research! – I’ve at least visited all those countries. And co-incidentally, I’m not long back from Turkey, where much of the first half of Blood Eternal takes place.

It wasn’t my first visit. My family and I have spent several holidays there over the last five years, staying in the same mountain village, and we love the country and the people. It really is a kind of gateway between east and west, a mix of both familiar and unfamiliar cultures to a western European like myself. I love to lie in bed there listening to the dawn call to prayer and the cacophony of animal noises that greets the sun in a traditional Turkish village. The slower pace of life and the air of peace; the friendliness and kindness of the people – many of whom have very little but want to share what they have; the colour and variety of the markets and the insistence of the traders; the beauty of the mountain scenery and the Mediterranean coast, all make it a magical place for me. And the perfect setting in which to awaken an insane Ancient vampire and chase him as he rampages through the countryside.

Of course, it’s terribly romantic as well! I was happy to fit in a few trysts for Elizabeth and Saloman among this scenery - between vampire hunting and angst, of course!

The house in which Elizabeth and the hunters stay is based on one we lived in several times. So is the village. And the town of Fethiye, where Elizabeth and her friend Mihaela, have their heart-to-heart, is a real, thriving market town. Much of the older town was destroyed by an earthquake in the last century, but here are the ancient tombs carved into the hillside, as visited by Elizabeth and Mihaela in the story, and this is the view they might have had from the harbour-front café where they had lunch.

It’s good to have real places to envision as your characters move through them. I really hope that in the books, I’ve conveyed the charm and generosity of the people as well as the beauty of their country.

How important to you is a genuine setting for a book? Or does it not matter at all, so long as the story grabs your attention? If you have any favourite settings, I’d love to hear about them!

BLOOD ETERNAL: an Awakened by Blood novel by Marie Treanor

Secrets don't disappear after seduction...

Elizabeth Silk is struggling to reconcile her passion for the vampire overlord Saloman and her allegiance to the vampire hunters. When a shocking vampire revolt calls Saloman away from her, she refuses to follow him.

To make matters worse, Saloman's beloved cousin Luk has been
found and awakened by one of his greatest enemies. Frenzied
with bloodlust, Luk embarks on a killing spree and prepares to
expose Saloman's biggest vulnerability: Elizabeth.

But under Saloman's regime, vampires have become less concerned with secrecy, no longer willing to hide their power. Rumors are swirling about attacks on humans. After Saloman joins forces with the vampire hunters to consolidate his power, Elizabeth begins to understand her role in the inevitable collision of the two worlds. She could bring resolution between vampires and humans - if she can manage to stay alive long enough to play both sides.

WIN - Leave Marie a question this week at the Tiki Hut and your name goes in the hat for an autographed copy of one of her Awakened by Blood books! Please leave your email address so we can contact you if you are this week's winner!

*** Btw - don't forget to check out the Kindle Marie has up for grabs over on the contest page of!!

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Special Guest Erin Nicholas

This week our special guest over on our Tiki Hut Blog, is Samhain Publishing author Erin Nicholas. 

Erin has been reading romance since her mom first let her into her book cupboard when Erin was about fourteen. LaVyrle Spencer, Julie Garwood, Debbie Macomber... they took Erin's 'happily ever after' ideas from animated princesses to real people in the real world.

She's been writing romance almost as long. Many a family car trip was spent with her head bent over a spiral notebook in the back seat. She'll confess that her very first attempts at fiction were fantasy and paranormals, influenced by her father's love of the Lord of the Rings, The Chronicles of Narnia, and the original Alice in Wonderland. If Harry Potter had been around, Erin's sure he would have been on the bedtime story shelf as well.

But it wasn't long until Erin started writing about true love and that's where she's been ever since.

She's so thrilled to be able to share these stories with you and hopes that they make you smile, sigh, maybe even choke up a little. Most of all, She hopes that they help you believe in magical things like first kisses, the spark of passion, and the power of true love.

Erin loves to hear from readers! Please write her at

WEBSITE   ***   BLOG   ***   FACEBOOK   ***   TWITTER 

The End

I’ve made no secret of the fact that the Dark Moment (the moment when all seems lost) is my least favorite part of a book to write. It takes me forever and I’m usually way too nice the first time (and the 2nd. At least.) My second least favorite part to write is the end. It’s hard because I want it to be good, to linger in the reader’s mind, to be true to the characters. But it’s bittersweet. The End means the book is done, in my books it means they’re together and starting their happily ever after. But it also means the book is done. The characters don’t need me anymore. They’ve figured it out. We say goodbye.

Especially Sara and Mac’s book, Just My Type. This is the third book in the Bradford series. There are three Bradford siblings. So I knew going in that it was the last book of the series.

Needless to say, it took me forever to write that ending. And I never was totally happy with it. I think because I didn’t want it to end. I’m like that as a reader too. I love when the couple gets together but I also hate that it’s all over with. As an author it’s almost worse. Usually I have my next project ready to go. It helps with the pain of the end of my relationship with these characters to start getting someone else together. But I still miss them.

Especially at times like this. It’s been well over a year since I typed that The End but now I get to revisit those characters with blurbs and interviews and blog posts for the print release (August 2). Sigh. I really think I need to write some more of these guys…

Until then, though, here’s how the whole thing starts (I like beginnings… not endings ). And I’d love to give an e-copy of any of the Bradford books to one lucky commenter this week!

JUST MY TYPE - Book 3 in The Bradfords Series by Erin Nicholas

Secretly wanting her—no problem. Her not-so-secretly wanting him—big trouble.

There's only one problem with the woman Jason "Mac" Gordon wants: his best friend's little sister is off limits. Way off limits, and too young and innocent for the likes of him. From past experience, he's learned to hide his not-so-nice preferences from the nice girls he seems to attract. That definitely includes the woman he's always thought of as a sister. At least until recently.

Sara Bradford always gets what she wants - which is partly Mac's fault. After all, he helped spoil her. So she has no intention of taking his no for an answer on anything - least of all his refusal to sleep with her. He thinks she's too innocent? Fine. She'll simply get un-innocent and show Mac that she wants him - the good, the bad and the nipple clamps.

When Mac's plan to drive her away works too well, he's forced to follow her to a tropical paradise, determined to make sure she doesn't find her wild side with anyone but him. Once she gets a real taste of what he likes, he's sure everything will go back to normal.

That's until he discovers a slight kink, er, flaw in his logic...

Warning: Contains hot sex at the beach, kinky online shopping - and yes, cotton-candy-flavored body powder does exist.



Mac settled down into his chair and pushed the chair next to him out for her. “Want me to stay over and answer the phone until Tuesday?”

She swiveled on her chair seat to look at him, gauging the motivation behind the offer. She knew he didn’t mean it like that. He’d slept on her couch before.

“Yes,” she said simply.

“I will,” he told her lifting his glass. “But you have to buy Twinkies.”

Mac’s favorite food. Normally, she would roll her eyes and joke about his propensity for junk food. But she was in a mood tonight. She leaned over and put her hand on his hard, flat stomach.

“How do you keep these so tight with all those Twinkies?” She rubbed her hand back and forth over the warm, white linen of his shirt.

Mac seemed to freeze. And stop breathing. His eyes were locked on hers and she felt a current zing between them. She’d never touched him like that. They’d held hands, even hugged before and she’d touched his arms, back, shoulder, even face once, but never his chest, or stomach, or lower.

“Sara?” His voice was definitely hoarse.


“Move your hand.”

She slid it downward and Mac shot back, tipping his chair onto its back legs and throwing him off balance enough that he stumbled to his feet, knocking the chair over.

“Hell, Sara!” he swore. Straightening to his full height and glaring down at her he demanded. “What the hell was that?”

She blinked at him, trying for innocence. “You said…”

“I didn’t mean that!” he snapped.

“Well, why not? I certainly wouldn’t mind doing it.”

He gaped at her and she almost laughed. She’d never seen Mac flabbergasted like this.

“You wouldn’t mind doing what exactly?”

Maybe he thought—or hoped—she was talking about something else. She had to make this clear.

“Putting my hand on your…”

“Okay,” he interrupted, throwing up his hands. “Enough. You’re obviously drunk.”

Instead of looking up and arguing his statement, Sara’s eyes found the object of conversation almost right in front of her. And he looked interested in what she was proposing.

Mac had an erection. Right there. Front and center. Unmistakable.

“You sure you’re not interested?” She looked directly at the tent in his pants.

He quickly righted the chair, sat and dropped his napkin in his lap. “Knock it off.”

“What? You’re telling me you’ve never thought of it? Ever?”

“Of having your hand down my pants at your brother’s wedding? No, I can honestly say I haven’t.” He wouldn’t look at her.

“So when have you thought about having my hand down your pants?”

He opened his mouth, shut it again, shifted in his chair, frowned. “Stop it.”

She scooted her chair closer. “Mac, honestly. Have you ever thought of us together?”

“Sure. We’re together all the time at Sam’s, at the Center and the hospital.” He still wasn’t making eye contact.

Sara touched his knee and he nearly jumped out of his chair again. She smiled. She was no dummy. She had a Master’s degree in psychology and was a licensed Social Worker in Nebraska. She studied people. She’d watched the two people she knew best—her sister Jessica and her brother Sam— fall in love with their spouses. She’d seen the effect that intense attraction had on people and how they acted until they admitted the attraction and did something about it.

“I’m talking about naked, you and me.”

“Of course not,” he answered quickly. Too quickly. He was scowling again. “You’re a kid, like a sister to me.”

He was lying. He had to be lying. Before she could think it out any further and potentially chicken out, Sara slid from her chair to Mac’s lap, cupped the back of his head in both hands and kissed him with all she had.

Monday, May 30, 2011

This Week's Special Guest - Betty Gordon

This week at the AuthorIsland Tiki Hut, we welcome mystery author Betty Gordon as she talks about Egypt and her new novel VALLEY OF OBSESSIONS.

Betty Gordon, a native Texan, moved from Dallas to Houston in search of her destiny. After careers as a dance instructor, sculptor, and legal assistant, she followed her dream to write books that would entertain and challenge readers.

Betty graduated from the University of Houston-Downtown with a B.S. in Professional Writing and from U of H-Clear Lake with an M.A. in Literature (Creative Writing), and an M.A. in Visual Arts. She attended law school for a year before leaving for the world of art and writing. She continues her education with on-line writing workshops and conferences.

A supportive husband, three grown sons, and a Maltese who thinks he's another son complete her family.

Publishing credentials: Murder in the Third Person, Deceptive Clarity, The Magic of Christmas (a mini-ebook collection of short stories for all seasons), Valley of Obsessions (Coming Soon), and The Common Thread (co-authored with CC Smith) Release date 2011. Numerous short stories in L&L Dreamspell's anthologies, Dead and Breakfast, A Death in Texas, A Box of Texas Chocolates, and Twisted Tales of Texas Landmarks.

Betty is a member of Sisters in Crime, Mystery Writers of America, Writers' League of Texas, The Final Twist, Houston Writers' Guild, and Bay Area Writers' League.


by Betty Gordon

VALLEY OF OBSESSIONS and the delights of exploring ancient Egypt were just mustard seeds when I was trying to convince my husband to make San Antonio, Texas, our vacation spot some years ago. Beautiful scenery, festive restaurants, and shops await visitors as they follow the Riverwalk that borders the San Antonio River. We had been to San Antonio more times than you could count on one hand, but I enjoyed it every time.

My husband acted interested and said he would check on travel details. I was happy and began the imaginary journey during the days that followed. A few days passed. He hadn’t said anything about the trip and I couldn’t stand it one more minute. So, trying not to sound plaintive, I asked how plans for the trip were coming. He smiled but didn’t say anything. I’m not known for my patience, so this time – not caring if I sounded plaintive or not – I started in on him.

“If you don’t want to go, just say so.”

He hugged me and let me in on a secret he managed to keep from me. I’ll never forget his next words as they made a dream of a lifetime come true.

“How would you like to take a journey down the Nile?”

The rest is history. We went to Egypt and had the experience of our lives. I only wish I could go again and experience more, but with the unrest in that part of the world, I doubt it will happen. Truthfully, it doesn’t matter. I was there, I saw as much of Cairo and the monuments as possible., I made a voyage down the Nile via a boat that allowed passengers to disembark at historical sites, I saw King Tutankhamen’s Tomb, and I relived it all in VALLEY OF OBSESSIONS.

The concept for the story and characters began when I made this trip to Egypt some years ago. The pharaohs, the monuments – everything about the country intrigued me and had done so since childhood when I could only look at pyramids in picture books. I decided during this memorable trip to write about my adventures although the actual words wouldn’t come to life until much later. Many unbelievable things happened during my journey to this impressive country and these happenings are woven into the story. Of course, not ALL occurrences are real and even those that are have been fictionalized to a certain extent. Sketches of prominent story sites are included as well as one photo I took while in Egypt. I had numerous photographs, of course, but sadly they failed to transfer well. The history of this country, the majestic and memorable pyramids, and monuments wrapped themselves around me impatiently waiting to see print.

My characters usually evolve from my imagination when I first enter the twilight zone at night. Unfortunately, oftentimes these thoughts keep me from sleep and I end up at the computer describing a character or creating a budding plot. Desiree Roberts, the protagonist in Valley of Obsessions, is a natural for me as I wore a hat as a paralegal/legal assistant for many years. So, I understand this woman who searches for ways to unite with a fascinating country in a special way and find love at the same time.

Most of the time I am what one would call a “pantster.” I develop the story as I write, but this novel evolved in a way that required some outlining. Even though I write down the characters’ traits when I begin the story, their personality quirks develop much later and are capable of changing the direction of the story. My Muse usually takes over at this point and uses the personality quirks to create numerous tantalizing threads in the cast of characters. I think, and hope, that these tantalizing threads lead to a conclusion that is both challenging and surprising for readers.


Desiree's passion for ancient Egyptian culture leads her on a dangerous trip down the Nile.

Can Desiree Roberts leave her law career in Texas and become a 1980's Egyptian?

Will the country that has captivated her since childhood embrace her, or will it lead her down dangerous paths fraught with deception and betrayal?

As Desiree follows her dreams and treks through shifting sands, she enters portals of pharaohs long since entombed. Her obsessions lure her into alien territory filled with suspicious characters - where someone wants to end her fantasies.

How far will he go?


WIN - Leave Betty a question this week at the Tiki Hut because TWO lucky readers will receive their choice from Betty's book list check out her website for your choices! Please leave your email address so we can contact you if you are one of this week's TWO winners!! Good luck!

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This Week's Special Guest - John Nelson

This week at the Tiki Hut, we welcome John Nelson, an author with Wild Child Publishing as he talks about his new thriller - AGAINST NATURE.


The U.S. is ground-zero for a mysterious global pandemic. The disease is highly infectious and kills its victims within two weeks of exposure. It’s neither bacteria nor a virus and all traditional treatment regiments have failed.

Serena Salus, a radical scientist, discovers the organism is an extraterrestrial dust mite brought to earth by a shuttle astronaut.

The government contends it’s a genetically-engineered organism created on earth by enemies of freedom.

Dr. Salus uncovers a vile plan for distributing her experimental antitoxin and finds herself in a deadly confrontation with powerful forces that’ll stop at nothing to control the distribution of her vaccine.


Welcome to the Tiki Hut John, could you tell us a little bit about your novel?

It’s a dystopian thriller. The U.S. is ground-zero for a mysterious global pandemic. The disease is highly infectious and kills it’s victims within two weeks of exposure. It’s neither bacteria nor a virus and all traditional treatment regimens have failed.

Serena Salus, a radical scientist, discovers the organism is an extraterrestrial dust mite brought to earth by a shuttle astronaut. The government contends it’s a genetically-engineered organism created on earth by enemies of freedom.

Dr. Salus uncovers a vile plan for distributing her experimental vaccine and finds herself in a deadly confrontation with powerful forces that’ll stop at nothing to control the distribution of her vaccine.

What led you to write this book?

Sometimes fact is stranger than fiction. In our proverbial rearview mirror we see things like Abu Ghraib, secret prisons, torture, wars built on lies and before us we see Social Darwinists rising to power in Washington. Scary stuff! I wondered what would happen if we had a great catastrophic event like a global pandemic; a disease without a cure. I used some past events and superimposed them on my fictitious event and what came out the other end was a pretty frightening dystopian thriller.

What do you believe is the key to good fiction?

I think a good novel blends facts with fiction and if successful, blurs the lines between them. The story should be plausible enough to pull the reader in and keep them turning pages.

The Dystopian genre seems to be popular again.

Yes, I think that’s true in young adult fiction, especially with the success of the Hunger Games series. Against Nature is geared for the adult reader, but that doesn’t mean it won’t appeal to young adults too. I think Against Nature is infused with a larger dose of social criticism in the spirit of Orwell or Huxley. I’m glad to see more dystopian novels hitting the shelf (or e-reader.)

What do you want your readers to get out of your book?

Any good dystopian novel should make you think. That’s my goal with Against Nature.

Was the story compelling and entertaining and did it make you think? If so, then I succeeded.

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Ashley Blade's Tiki Hut Winner

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This Week's Special Guest - Ashley Blade

This week at our AuthorIsland Tiki Hut we welcome author Ashley Blade as she celebrates her brand new release ONCE BITTEN and tells us a bit about herself and how she feels about being published.

As a single mom working as a car sales person, Ashley manages her time between her passion for books, writing and her family. When she is not surfing the web or writing, you can find her rooting her daughter toward certain victory in a soccer match or curled up with her better half and a good book.


ONCE BITTEN by Ashley Blade

Sometimes you’re the windshield and sometimes you’re the bug.

Luka was beginning to feel like both. With a raging hard on and death surrounding him, he couldn’t see the killer right in front of him. He was blind unwilling to see the truth. At least that’s what he told himself.

Flora, was the self appointed protector of Luka. A vampire who was under the spell of his creator; Kira. Now with the help of her sisters she must face the killer of innocent humans and the woman who was standing between her and the object of her affection.

Flora's only hope; She could save Luka in time and not lose him to a fate worse than death…his maker.


I don’t really talk about myself. Sure I answer questions when given, but I mean I could tell you I live on Mars, my hair is blue and I have a three-toed Sloth as a pet. Would the reader believe me? Maybe two of the three things I listed but mostly likely no. So when I asked for a spot here at the Tiki Hut, I really had to think about what I wanted to say. Oh I know I need to promote my just released book, ONCE BITTEN, but I wanted to do a little more than just promote, because let’s face it, readers love promotion. But, they also want to get to know the author too, right?

So here goes. My real name is Amanda. I am from the sunny Southern California beaches and I now live in the tiny town of Roanoke, Alabama. I have always loved the idea of writing, but never thought I was good enough to actually get published. I wrote my first published short on a dare from my good friend, Dakota Trace and I haven’t looked back. In the very beginning I thought, oh no, what if I run out of characters or plots to write about? I feared it every day, especially when I was writing a story and it was almost done. So far it hasn’t happened. If anything, I am overwhelmed with characters at the moment.

I am totally green when it comes to the publishing industry. I am slowly learning with the help of my publisher and my editor. I am sure I have given them plenty of gray hairs with all of my questions or, “huh?” responses. But in the year I have been doing this, I can’t imagine not wanting to continue down this path. I am having a blast. I have met some amazing people, including some of my favorite authors. I experienced my first Cyber Monday and my first Black Friday this year. Yes people I did do a little giddy dance at the prospect that someone might have bought my books those two days.

Every time I am in a book store, and I see someone pick up a Nook or an e-reader I introduce myself and say, guess what you can purchase my books on there. Then I have that surreal, oh wow, you really can buy my books on there, moment. I know this is not typically what authors say, but this is me. I get excited over the little things. I’m not used to it, I may never get used to it. Heck, I hope I never do. I have gone so far as to tell my boss lady, if I get to the point where I am like ehh, it’s another release day, remind me of who I used to be or shut me down. The reason is simple, I am not doing it anymore because it is fun, and I’m doing it because it’s what is expected of me.

Writing is fun for me. It brings me out of my shell and makes me happy. I am not in this for the money. I will never be a millionaire. I know this and have made peace with it. I have no expectation of the industry other than the fact e-books are a thing of the present and the future. We are changing as a society. Instant gratification is common place and if I can grab my Kindle, I can download a book. It’s simpler that way.

That is the other thing that makes me excited about being an e-book author. I am now running with the big dogs. Slowly but surely NYC publishers are putting their books into digital format. Right now my books are alongside Nora Roberts and Hannah Howell in Barnes and Noble and Amazon. Crazy right? I still can’t grasp that concept. I don’t think I ever will. It was the chance I was given that brought me here. If my boss lady would have come to me ten years ago and said see you soon, you’re going to be one of my authors, I would have scoffed at her. My mom and I were homeless. I couldn’t even imagine having a computer, much less a hot meal at night. My imagination was just as broke as we were. Here I am though, an author. It amazes me how much my life has changed in such a short amount of time.

Before I close this little ditty, I have to one last thing to say. If you have a wicked imagination where dragons and elves or vampires and zombies run free, write it down. Then mold it, create a world and keep going. If you have that itch to have it published, try. We all get told no, but the first yes is all it takes. That is your toe in the door, use it to your advantage, learn from your publisher and keep going. Always remember who you are and always remember what it felt like when your first story was available for download or purchase. It’s the best feeling ever!

Ashley Blade.

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Stacey Kennedy's Tiki Hut Winner

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This Week's Special Guest - Stacey Kennedy

This week on our AuthorIsland Tiki Hut Blog, we welcome Urban Fantasy author Stacey Kennedy as she stops by to talk about why she loves writing series.

Stacey's novels are light-hearted fantasy with heart squeezing, thigh-clenching romance, and even give a good chuckle every now and again.

Her journey as a writer began as a way to keep her brain alive since being a stay at home mom can sometimes be a little...let's say numbing. It was an escape from screaming kids, dirty diapers and plain old mom duty.

It started as a hobby, but as the stories progressed it became a passion. Now, Stacey indulges at nap time, especially the juicy bits! Every mom needs a good thrill!

Series, love 'em or hate 'em?

A question I’m asked all the time is, “why do you write series?” The answer is simple, cause I love them! I’m not a huge fan of single titles and rarely read them. Mainly because after I’m done the book I’m left wanting more and frustrated that it ends there.

So, when I started writing it was pretty clear cut that I would write series. I enjoy the exploration of the characters and the way that it’s not just a single adventure but a few that makes up their life. For me, what makes a story great is the attachment received from the characters. You want to cry with them, cheer them on, and swoon over their growing love. And that, for me, just isn’t possible in a single title. I’m always left saying, “but what happened after...”

I suppose I get emotionally attached to the characters I write as well as read. I live their journey with them and I want to feel fulfilled that I’ve watched them grow, go through hardships, but in the end, succeed. I need to see all of the events that have brought them happiness, because as we all know, life is forever changing. And I want to experience that process with them.

What are your thoughts on the subject? Are you like me who just can’t let go after one story or are you satisfied with single titles?

If you like series like I do...danger, love, supernatural creatures and men that make you swoon, The Magical Sword, might be right up your alley.

~ Stacey

THE WILLOW - The Magical Sword Series - Book One by Stacey Kennedy

A past of secrets, a life broken by death - awakens to a world of promise and love, but lurking danger threatens to destroy it all.

In Carson City, Nevada a tragic car accident has claimed the lives of Nexi Jones' adoptive parents. Now, without them, her reason to live has vanished and she is determined to end her pain.

The problem with that, it's not heaven she wakes up to, it's the Otherworld. Nexi must reconcile the truth about her past, and her heritage as part guardian/part witch, while she begins to train to join the Council's guard. But it's not the combat training that has her worried, it's attempting to keep her cool around the luscious guardian, Kyden that's her biggest concern.

Before long, Nexi's skills are put to the test as she begins to fight against the supernatural who have taken a human life. But nothing can prepare her for the journey ahead. Soon, she will find herself lost in a mystery and fighting to keep all she's gained, as Lazarus, a vampire, threatens to take it all away.


WIN - Leave Stacey a comment or question this week at the Tiki Hut and your name goes in the hat for the first book of any of her series - head over to her website to check them out and be sure to let us know which one you want along with your email address so we can contact you in case you are this week's winner - Good Luck!

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Sandra Marshall's Tiki Hut Winner

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Monday, April 25, 2011

This Week's Special Guest - Sandra K. Marshall

This week at the AuthorIsland Tiki Hut, we welcome author Sandra K. Marshall as she talks about her story in the new anthology FOOL ME TWICE.

Sandra grew up in the mid-west in a small farming community where she belonged to 4-H. When she was thirteen, her family moved to, Lawrence, Kansas, the town where the University of Kansas thrived. After high school, she traveled to California to live with a friend and to find a job. She became very homesick and returned home.

She worked for a major airline for thirty-six years and during this period she furthered her education. It was a lovely time in her life working for a wonderful company. She traveled to many countries such as Ireland, Germany, Switzerland, Portugal, Spain, Australia, Egypt and Hong Kong just to name a few.

While at the airline, she started writing due to her husband's influence, and in 1999 she retired to write full time and worked seriously toward publication. In 2008, she had her first book published, and then her second one in 2009. Shortly after her publisher closed their doors, and she immediately moved to a new publisher. She is still with the publisher and has had three books and a short story published with them.

She's now working on another one hoping to finish it before the end of summer. It's a romantic suspense set at an airline maintenance overhaul base, and it's the one she was writing when she retired. She's doing a complete overhaul of this book and it's not the easiest thing she has ever done. :)


The book I want to tell you about is an anthology titled, Fool Me Twice. My story is A Fool's Fool. The blurb and excerpt are posted below.

Pranks are carried too far.

Kathy O'Reilly, a strong-willed woman doesn't allow men to walk over her or anyone else. When one of the co-owner's of Gagsters, Norm Jokes, is allowed to get away with playing pranks, she speaks up to her boss.

Jason Barrone, co-owner of Gagsters is attracted to his assistant and will not allow his best friend to cause him to lose her. Jason wants them to be friends because he doesn't want to have to make a choice of who goes and who stays.


Kathy O'Reilly walked softly behind Norm Jokes as he crept up the aisle between the cubicles, making sure he didn't know she was near. It was obvious he was planning to sneak up on someone to either scare or do something worse.

Norm was as obnoxious as any guy she'd ever met, but for some reason her friend, Allyson Metzl, thought the joker just needed attention.

Uh oh—Norm sped up, and she saw the reason why.

Allyson stood just a few feet away, waving her hands as she leaned in a cubicle to talk to a co-worker. Her friend’s back was to him; Allyson's long dark hair covered the derrière of her diminutive figure.

Her pal had just gone through a divorce, and was feeling frail. There was no way Kathy would let anyone hurt her friend again. Kathy called out, "Allyson."

Allyson wheeled around, her mouth opened in a big O when she almost smacked into Norm.

He put his hands on Allyson’s shoulders. “Don’t move so suddenly. You almost knocked me down, and I would’ve fell on top of you.” He glanced over his shoulder at Kathy.

With an inward laugh, she joined them. "Stopped you from being an obnoxious ass.” She watched him, knowing by his grin that he’d enjoyed himself. "You're going to get into big trouble one day." His right eye ticked knowing he'd been caught in the act. Too bad fellow.

"Did someone want me?" Allyson asked; her black lashes fluttered as she glanced between Kathy and Norm.

His face reddening, Norm stuttered, "I wanted to tell you how pretty you look in your outfit."

"Thank you for noticing, Norm." Allyson peeked up at him. "It's new."

The skunk, he hadn't even noticed her friend's lime green outfit until he needed to get his ass out of a jam. "Allyson, I wanted to talk to you a moment."

"Uh, I'll leave you two to it," Norm muttered.

Kathy glared after him as he slinked toward his office. He had nerve pretending to have noticed Allyson other than her butt. She hoped her friend didn't fall for his Mr. Nice Guy act.

Allyson's cherry red lips turned up, laughing she showed perfect white teeth and her milk chocolate gaze focused on Kathy. "The way you're scowling at Norm he must've been up to no good."

"He almost got you, but I managed to save you."

Allyson laughed, her eyes sparkling. She shook her head, her long straight hair swaying from side to side. "Thanks, but who knows? Maybe I would have liked it.”

Her friend hadn’t dated since her divorce, and she constantly defended Norm to the other girls in the building. Why? Kathy couldn’t understand unless Allyson secretly had a crush on him. Kathy hoped not, because in truth, the man terrorized all of them. They were afraid to say anything for fear of losing their jobs. Luckily, she wasn’t in the same circumstance since she worked for the head boss.

"Next time I’ll let him get you.” She grimaced. “You need to get out more if that guy interests you.” He almost pinched her friend’s bottom. He liked to pinch the other girls and play pranks on them.

“Now you’re just being mean.” Allyson’s perfect white teeth chewed her bottom lip. “I think he’s cute.”

"To each their own, but something has to be done to stop him from picking on all the women."

Allyson giggled. “I might be able to help. We could play a trick on him. April Fool’s Day will be here soon and it would be an appropriate time to do something to him.”

"Great. I would like nothing better than to get revenge on the skinny runt."

Her dark brows rose and Allyson asked, “Has he done anything to you?”

“He better not or I’ll make his life miserable.” If Norm ever pinched her, she would bring a harassment lawsuit against him and the company, Gagsters, Incorporated.

"You won't do anything to hurt his feelings, will you Kath?" Allyson’s brows knit together slightly.

Well, on second thought not against Gagsters, just Norm. She didn't want to hurt her boss, Jason Barrone. As his administrative assistant, Kathy was treated courteously and as an equal. Not only was he a perfect gentleman, he was a very handsome one. She liked his cleft chin and green brown-flecked eyes. Besides, he often told her he couldn't do without her— she was his right arm.

For some reason, she was drawn to Jason even though normally, she went for the tall, dark, and dangerous bad boys. Jason was the exact opposite with his light brown hair streaked blond from the sun. The one time she accidentally bumped into him he was solid as a rock and just as dependable.

A veil lifted from Allyson’s face and a light shone in her eyes. Her friend’s hound dog nose twitched on the scent of a mystery. She’d better say something quick.

"Feelings. I doubt if Norm has any, he's such a dope. His antics have to be stopped."

She leaned toward Allyson with her hands fisted, but at the widening of her friends eyes, Kathy drew back, took a deep breath, and relaxed her hands. "You know the other girls won't step out of their cubicles when he's around, and when they go to the lunchroom or bathroom they're constantly looking for him over their shoulders."

Allyson nodded. "I know. Some of the younger girls have even talked to me about it."

"Then you’re completely with me on this?"

“I have an idea of something we can do that would get the message across without hurting him.”

“What?” Kathy watched excitement build on her friend’s face.

“I’m an artist. I could make a poster to put in his office or hang overhead somewhere.”

Smiling, Kathy said, “Okay.”

"Later. My phone is ringing." Allyson hurried away to answer the call.

Kathy wondered what kind of drawing Ally would come up with. She hoped Norm could take a joke. After all, he dished out plenty of them. It was time for him to have some pranks pulled on him. Besides, it was going to be April Fool’s Day in a week.

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