Monday, May 16, 2011

This Week's Special Guest - Ashley Blade

This week at our AuthorIsland Tiki Hut we welcome author Ashley Blade as she celebrates her brand new release ONCE BITTEN and tells us a bit about herself and how she feels about being published.

As a single mom working as a car sales person, Ashley manages her time between her passion for books, writing and her family. When she is not surfing the web or writing, you can find her rooting her daughter toward certain victory in a soccer match or curled up with her better half and a good book.


ONCE BITTEN by Ashley Blade

Sometimes you’re the windshield and sometimes you’re the bug.

Luka was beginning to feel like both. With a raging hard on and death surrounding him, he couldn’t see the killer right in front of him. He was blind unwilling to see the truth. At least that’s what he told himself.

Flora, was the self appointed protector of Luka. A vampire who was under the spell of his creator; Kira. Now with the help of her sisters she must face the killer of innocent humans and the woman who was standing between her and the object of her affection.

Flora's only hope; She could save Luka in time and not lose him to a fate worse than death…his maker.


I don’t really talk about myself. Sure I answer questions when given, but I mean I could tell you I live on Mars, my hair is blue and I have a three-toed Sloth as a pet. Would the reader believe me? Maybe two of the three things I listed but mostly likely no. So when I asked for a spot here at the Tiki Hut, I really had to think about what I wanted to say. Oh I know I need to promote my just released book, ONCE BITTEN, but I wanted to do a little more than just promote, because let’s face it, readers love promotion. But, they also want to get to know the author too, right?

So here goes. My real name is Amanda. I am from the sunny Southern California beaches and I now live in the tiny town of Roanoke, Alabama. I have always loved the idea of writing, but never thought I was good enough to actually get published. I wrote my first published short on a dare from my good friend, Dakota Trace and I haven’t looked back. In the very beginning I thought, oh no, what if I run out of characters or plots to write about? I feared it every day, especially when I was writing a story and it was almost done. So far it hasn’t happened. If anything, I am overwhelmed with characters at the moment.

I am totally green when it comes to the publishing industry. I am slowly learning with the help of my publisher and my editor. I am sure I have given them plenty of gray hairs with all of my questions or, “huh?” responses. But in the year I have been doing this, I can’t imagine not wanting to continue down this path. I am having a blast. I have met some amazing people, including some of my favorite authors. I experienced my first Cyber Monday and my first Black Friday this year. Yes people I did do a little giddy dance at the prospect that someone might have bought my books those two days.

Every time I am in a book store, and I see someone pick up a Nook or an e-reader I introduce myself and say, guess what you can purchase my books on there. Then I have that surreal, oh wow, you really can buy my books on there, moment. I know this is not typically what authors say, but this is me. I get excited over the little things. I’m not used to it, I may never get used to it. Heck, I hope I never do. I have gone so far as to tell my boss lady, if I get to the point where I am like ehh, it’s another release day, remind me of who I used to be or shut me down. The reason is simple, I am not doing it anymore because it is fun, and I’m doing it because it’s what is expected of me.

Writing is fun for me. It brings me out of my shell and makes me happy. I am not in this for the money. I will never be a millionaire. I know this and have made peace with it. I have no expectation of the industry other than the fact e-books are a thing of the present and the future. We are changing as a society. Instant gratification is common place and if I can grab my Kindle, I can download a book. It’s simpler that way.

That is the other thing that makes me excited about being an e-book author. I am now running with the big dogs. Slowly but surely NYC publishers are putting their books into digital format. Right now my books are alongside Nora Roberts and Hannah Howell in Barnes and Noble and Amazon. Crazy right? I still can’t grasp that concept. I don’t think I ever will. It was the chance I was given that brought me here. If my boss lady would have come to me ten years ago and said see you soon, you’re going to be one of my authors, I would have scoffed at her. My mom and I were homeless. I couldn’t even imagine having a computer, much less a hot meal at night. My imagination was just as broke as we were. Here I am though, an author. It amazes me how much my life has changed in such a short amount of time.

Before I close this little ditty, I have to one last thing to say. If you have a wicked imagination where dragons and elves or vampires and zombies run free, write it down. Then mold it, create a world and keep going. If you have that itch to have it published, try. We all get told no, but the first yes is all it takes. That is your toe in the door, use it to your advantage, learn from your publisher and keep going. Always remember who you are and always remember what it felt like when your first story was available for download or purchase. It’s the best feeling ever!

Ashley Blade.

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  1. Welcome to the Tiki Hut Ashley!

    I loved your very personal and candid post and appreciate your sharing so much about you, your past and your feelings! Very touching and special.

    I wanted to wish you the very best with the new book - You're a new author for me, so tell us a bit about your newest release, ONCE BITTEN.

    I know we will hear lots more about your books and I wish you loads of success as an author and keep following your dream!

  2. Thank you for the interview and giveaway. The books sounds great. I love vampire stories and don't think I will ever get tired of them.

    GFC follower: June M.
    manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com

  3. Hi, Ashley.

    You're a new author for me but not for long. I loved the excerpt and look forward in reading it and your other works.

    Tracey D
    booklover0226 at gmail dot com

  4. Hello Ashley!

    I'm not a writer but I appreciate your words of wisdom about writing. Your advice works for anyone who wants to accomplish something. Success requires more than talking about your goal, you have to put it into action.

    Congratulations for Once Bitten. I love paranormal romance.

    user1123 AT comcast DOT net

  5. I have read your other books and love all your work!! You Rock! Just got this one and can't wait to sink my teeth in it *lol* Keep up the awesome Job!!

  6. Once Bitten started out as part of anthology and was able to go on it own. Its basically a story about a vampire, Luka, held by the bonds of his Mistress. No matter how hard he tries he just can't get away from her.

    That is where Flora and her sisters come in and help guide him in the direction he needs to be, even when he doesn't see it.

    In the end its more about finding yourself and your voice, just in a very very different way. LOL!!!

    Thank you all for stopping by today. Sorry I didn't get here sooner!