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The Cougar Book - An Excerpt From Sascha Illyvich's WHISKEY TASTING

Today's special guest, Sascha Illyvich.

I am a published erotic romance author with several releases out at Renaissance E-books and Total E-bound. My contemporary romance A Christmas Favor is a recommended read from The Romance Studio. I continue to write for Renaissance E-books and Total E-bound with releases throughout the year. I host the UnNamed Romance Show on Radio Dentata where we interview the hottest in today’s erotic romance fiction. I am also a founding member of the WriteSEX team, dedicated to educating authors of all genres on how to add erotic elements to any story.

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I'll share an excerpt from my story "Whiskey Tasting" which features a rather sexy yet familiar woman in my world, who just happens to own a cigar bar. Her favorite client comes in frequently. One night he comes in with a younger woman and Morganna gets irritated. Determined to establish and keep him, she arranges to have the bar open for him alone for a special type of tasting…

WHISKEY TASTING by Sascha Illyvich


Drawing the shades over the windows, she looked at the clock on the wall. Ten till 2.

If she knew him as well as she did, he’d be slightly early.

Her body hummed in anticipation of his arrival. Nervousness wasn’t something Morganna normally dealt with but the fact that another five minutes had passed way too slowly and Nicholas hadn’t arrived yet bugged her.

She looked down at an empty shot glass. Picking up a bottle from the bin, she poured herself a shot of single malt and knocked it back. Dutch courage for a cougar, she laughed.

The handle at the door jiggled.

Morganna looked up and walked around to the front of the bar. Reaching for the handle, she pulled the door open to see Nicholas standing before her in black jeans and a faded gray tank top. His suit coat hung over thick shoulders.

She licked her lips. “Come in.”

With a smile, he nodded and stepped into the bar. “Wow,” he looked around. “It’s odd being here when it’s quiet.”

She chuckled. “Yeah. It’s kinda nice sometimes. I can fire up a smoke, sample inventory or just clean extra thoroughly if I want. But you’re here for a different reason.” She winked.

He didn’t miss a beat. Shutting the door behind him, he reached for Morganna with one hand.
Catching her by the shoulder, he pulled her forward and wrapped his arms around her.

Crushing her chest against his, she felt the firmness of strong muscles beneath the cotton shirt.
Hands cupped her bottom, squeezing her.

She squeaked and stepped back from him with a glint in her eye. Looking up at him, she saw her smoldering desire reflected in his gorgeous eyes.

He started to speak, started to dip his head down to meet her mouth, but stopped short.
Morganna parted her lips.

Nicholas didn’t move.

She arched an eyebrow. “Something the matter?”

He shook his head. The look in his eyes definitely spelled out desire. If there was any doubt, the bulge beneath his jeans reaffirmed his arousal.

“Then what, sweetie?” She touched his cheek, running fingers over the smoothness of his face.
He’d shaved, making it easier for her fingers to glide over smooth masculine skin.

Stepping closer, she inhaled. Picking up the rich scent of cigars, light sandalwood and his aroma, the smile on her lips widened. “You’re not used to being the seducer, are you hon?”

Nicholas nodded.

She smirked. “I thought so. Come this way and we’ll make this easier for both of us.” She turned, sliding her hand down his chest until she’d captured his hand.

Pulling him towards the bar, she led him into a seat where the first rocks glass and a bottle of highland single malt sat. She walked around to the other side of the bar and pulled off the top.
“This is a standard highland single malt, similar to the one you normally drink.” She poured a 1 oz. shot into the glass, then retrieved a glass for herself.

Nicholas picked up the glass and swirled it around. Shoving his nose into the glass, he inhaled a deep whiff of the liquid before bringing the scotch to his lips. Taking a sip, he kept his eyes on Morganna the entire time.

She mimicked his movements and took a sip of the strong scotch, picking up caramel notes along with charred oak before the liquid slid down her throat and confirmed her thoughts. She should know what the drinks in her bar tasted like.

Her eyes roamed up and down the length of Nicholas’s body. After the rest of the first shot hit him, he relaxed his shoulders just slightly. Leaning forward, he set the empty glass down on the bar and smiled. “Good stuff.”

Morganna moved down the line to the next bottle. Pulling the top off, she poured another shot into another empty glass and slid it forward before pouring a shot of her own.

Nicholas did the same thing, swirling, smelling and sipping the scotch.

By this time, the warmth of the liquid hit Morganna. She wasn’t feeling light headed by a long shot, and her inhibitions were never really a problem but the draft from the fans had ceased making her cold once the second shot of highland single malt hit her.

Licking her lips, Morganna poured another round for them both of the second bottle. “This particular highland malt could go great with those Hondurans you always smoke. The Patels?”
Raising his glass to Morganna, he nodded. “Good point.”

Watching the line of his throat work while he took a large sip excited her. The motion called to her desire to lick a trail down his neck and peel off that tank top to caress his chest with fiery kisses.

Setting the empty glass down, he slid it forward and smiled.

Morganna decided it was a good time to switch to shot glasses for his special treat.

He eyed her with curiosity. “Why the switch in glasses?”

Inhaling a deep breath before letting it out slowly, Morganna’s lips curved upwards in a wicked smile. She leaned forward, reaching for Nicholas. Catching him by the collar of his tank top, she tugged him forward. “I have a surprise for you, my favorite scotch drinker.”

Nicholas’s body became pliant to her pull. He moved forward, planting his lips against hers.
His mouth curved upward against her lips before parting.

She slid her tongue inside his mouth, swirling around the contours and his own tongue.

The two wrestled for control of the kiss.

Morganna inhaled deeply, the taste of scotch on his breath mingling with the heady after scent of Nicholas. Pure, masculine. Not in control.

Leaning further so that her breasts brushed across the bar, Morganna pulled back and nipped at his lower lip.

Fingers stroked her chin and along the side of her neck before reaching for her hair. And capturing tangles between nimble fingers.

Another hand pressed against the top of her breast.

Morganna adjusted herself and let his fingers wander down into the neck of her oh so tight top.
His fingers skittered along her skin lightly.

Her flesh tingled from his slight touch. She purred into another kiss, tasting him with a subtle sweep of her tongue. Her panties were wet by now, nipples had become taut against the fabric of her top.

Pulling back from the kiss, Nicholas’s eyes were somewhat glazed over.

Morganna felt a surge of pride at her ability to turn this man on. He may not know how to approach a woman bent on seduction but he sure as hell knew how to use his mouth. Bending over more, she nipped his bottom lip and grinned into another kiss before stopping to notice her feet were no longer on the floor.

Swinging back, she giggled and moved the bottles away from where she planned her next pour.
The smug look on Nicholas’s face confirmed what she suspected. He wasn’t sure where this was going, but was about to enjoy finding out.

He cocked his head to one side and licked his lips. “What are you doing?”

Morganna squared her shoulders. “Giving you a final taste of the last whiskey. This,” she picked up a shot glass and showed it to him, “is a special blend of various single malts from different regions of…” She pursed her lips together for a moment, then decided that her body was right.
She needed him in her. “Me.”

His eyes widened in surprise.

Grabbing the bar for leverage, Morganna hoisted herself up on top of the bar so that she squatted before him. Her skirt bunched up. Standing straight, she hiked up her skirt so that her panties showed.


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