Monday, October 26, 2009

This Week At The Tiki Hut - An X Rated Halloween

Thanks for such a fun post and thanks for sharing you Halloween interview with us!

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Extasy Book at Halloween - Vampires, Shifters and Sex - A Match Made in Hell itself!

Halloween’s right around the corner and I’ve a great book coming out by eXtasy Books, Bloody Passion, genre M/M, ménage, horror, dark fantasy—The Druid, the hunter, the apprentice: sex, power and transformation…what else?

But this is not the news I wanted to give you. No, the real excitement is I’ve joined forces with 4 other wonderful writers, Courtney Breazile; Angela Caperton, Jamboree Jones and C.R. Moss to promote our upcoming releases. Until Angela launched the idea, few had tried a group promo adventure which is not the cost sharing of an ad, but a collective brainstorming to plan and plot new strategies on a group level, rather the usual individual one. And I must admit what we came up so far is incredible, to say the least. But first a word about our 5 books, which are:

Reincarnated Death Wish by Courtney Breazile – Release date Oct. 15th
Green Flash by Angela Caperton – Release date Oct. 31st
Unseen Path by Jambrea Jones – Release date Oct. 31st
In the Spirit by C.R. Moss – Release date Oct. 15th
Bloody Passion by Laura Tolomei – Release date Oct. 31st

One of our best achievements is a great trailer, available on YouTube:

Another promo idea was to devise a mini-interview where each of us asked and answered 3 questions, concerning Halloween. Here are my questions and the answers I received.

1. What Halloween creature would you bring on a deserted island?

Angela: I think a black cat familiar. A magical one, of course, that can change into a rakish lover.

Courtney: Werewolf, one of my favorite beasts.

CR: A witch so we could manifest things

Jambrea: A werewolf...hoping he would change into a hunky man. heehee

Laura: Frankenstein with John Holmes’s equipment.

2. What Halloween creature would you choose to become?

Angela: An owl! I live in the woods and I see them and hear them this time of year. We have a mating pair of Barred Owls that live on our property and every fall I love listening to them call to each other. I think it would be wonderful to fly and hunt by moonlight.

Courtney: I would be a sexy witch, no green skin and warts.

CR: A witch ;)

Jambrea: I think I'll go with the same answer...werewolf. :)

Laura: Vampire’s wife.

3. What would be the perfect Halloween soundtrack?

Angela: I’m a Loreena McKennitt fan, and her albums are some of the most beautiful and haunting songs and music I have heard. Mysterious, atmospheric, light and dark, she is the slice of frozen time that is Samhain – that is Halloween.

Courtney: Deep breathing.

CR: IMHO the perfect soundtrack for Halloween is the soundtrack from the movie Halloween. The first one, not the remake... Though I do like Rob Zombie's music and his ideas for the remakes...

Jambrea: Wow...this hard. Little Red Ridding Hood. There is a song out by Sam the Sham and the Pharaoh's that would be a great theme. Here is the song...

Laura: Howling wolves.

Read the more Q&A on the other author’s blogs:

Well, what do you know…it’s been great fun and for the future, we’re scheduling chats all across the web. And however things turn out, it has been a great experience, very instructive in learning to cooperate with fellow authors and great ladies like my co-partners have proved to be. So thank you and look for us on the Internet. Ciao from Rome,

Laura Tolomei

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  1. Welcome to the Tiki Hut, Laura, Angela, CR, Courtney and Jambrea!!!

    So great to have you all as our special guests this week and what a fun post to celebrate Halloween!

    Thanks so much for offering up prizes for FIVE of our readers this week - you guys ROCK!!!

  2. And thank you for having us! It's been great fun promoing with the Hooligans this month. I'm very glad to have discovered Author Island!

  3. I loved the questions and answers. Watched the trailer and enjoyed it!!!

  4. What a great idea! Getting together and promoting your work...the trailer is good. I liked the answers to the questions so diverse!
    Thanks for the chance for great prizes!
    Happy Halloween and good fortune to you all thru the holidays and into the new year.

    johanna (jo)

  5. I thought the trailer was great and enjoyed the questions and answers.

    Jambrea, I agree with your choice of soundtrack. I've always liked Little Red Riding Hood.
    Angela, I liked your different answer of an owl for the Halloween creature you would like to be.
    I liked all of the answers for the Halloween creatur for a desert island.

  6. I loved the Q and A's; they were great. I also agree with C.R.'s witch answer...I prefer a warlock, though...LOL

    Tracey D

  7. Hey Laura,
    Loved your post :) I really enjoyed viewing the was very well done! All the books look absolutely fantastic and so darn perfect for this time of year...of course personally speaking I think they're puurrrfect for all year round.

    Happy Reading!!!
    Anna Shah Hoque

  8. What a fun post. Thanks so much for the kick off to Halloween. Here are my answers:
    1. A Witch, so they could either magically create anything we needed or could get us off the Island :-)
    2. Again a Witch, and I'm with Courtney, because in the inmortal words of Glenda, "Only bad witches are ugly!"
    3. Ozzy!

    That was fun! Enjoyed your answers and loved the post. Best of luck with the books!

  9. Hey guys, I just realized this is the comment page for my blog! Silly me, I kept looking at the bottom of the blog, but didn't see anything written so I supposed no commentes were there. Guess again, girl, my mate told me this morning while reading it! All right, this afternoon I'll look over each post and answer. For now, know I'm here (virtually since I have to go out for a couple of hours) and I'll be back soon.
    Ciao from Rome, Laura

  10. Hi Estrella & Juydy, I’m so glad you liked the trailer! It was mostly thanks to Courtney, she did the actual editing to put covers, tag line and music together. But we all pitched in, with suggestions, having great fun at it. And I must say I agree with you both, it looks great, particularly because it’s a collective effort.

    And for the Q&A, those were great fun, too, and I tried to keep them as light and dark as the season requires. The most serious one, the one about the Halloween soundtrack, is my favourite, not just because I love music, but because you can tell a lot about a person by his musical tastes. So, girls, what’s your perfect Halloween soundtrack?

  11. Hi, Joey,
    I must admit it was a new experience for me, and it turned out so much better than i expected. When Angela inquired whether someone was interested in collective promotion, i immediately joined in because I believe team work can get you a hell of a lot more than mere individual attempts. And so it proved to be with us as we shared the opportunities we had, not just in blogs, but in chats as well. In fact, I’ve never had so much fun during chats as when we’re doing them as a group lol. Yet, however much it has bonded us, this experience has also shown our differences, as you rightly noticed in our answers. We’re each our own author, with different style and contents, but willing to go the extra mile in a common project, almost working on the same wavelength. So no competion here, just good old “lending a hand” and having loads of fun in the process!

  12. Hey, Andrea—by the way, I love your name. do you know in Italy it's used for men and very seldom for women?
    Why don't you give me your answers to the questions?


  13. Good to see you, Anna, and I’m glad you enjoy this particular genre books since not everyone’s into dark fantasies or horrors for that matter. Actually, let me tell you a secret. I’ve never read a horror book in my life, too darn scary for my tastes. It has happened with the few horror movies I saw, some don’t even qualify as such just stomach wrenching thrillers, and I can’t stand the scenes because I imagine someone doing those things to me and my skin literally crawls with fear. Oddly, this doesn’t happen when I’m writing the story, maybe because I know there’s nothing real in it lol

  14. Hey, I'm not familiar with Ozzy for a soundtrack. What is it?

  15. Ozzy Osbourne - anything by him or Black Sabbith when he was the lead singer.

  16. Love the Q & A. Trailer was great. This is a great blog site all the way around.
    What are some of your plans for Nov.

  17. Right, Ozzy Osbourne, I know him, but not that well evedently lol

  18. Hi, Mitz,
    my plans for Nov. are quite hectic. I'm leaving the 8th for Sweden on a business trip to JJőnkőping, about 300 km. from Stockholm. Then on th e14the it's Paris for me, stil biz. Coming back, I have my bday and my mom's, too, 'cause I was born on her day. So it's kinda of running around and can't wait fro Xmas when I can finally REST.

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