Tuesday, July 7, 2009

This Tuesday At The Tiki Hut - Nina Pierce

This week's winner is Kytaira!!! Thanks to everyone who stopped by to keep Nina company!

Nina Pierce grew up in a house of readers. So falling in love with books was only natural. In her teen years she found her mother's romance books and became forever hooked on the journey of finding one's true love. Now, if you throw in a dead body and some mayhem, Nina is in reader nirvana.

A few years ago, reading about love wasn't enough. She is now driven to write stories of alpha-males with a chink in their armor and the kick-ass women who fall in love with them. And true to what she loves, more often than not, you'll find some suspense thread running through her plots, hopefully with enough twists to keep her readers turning the pages, staying up late, and burning dinner.

A native of Maine, Nina lives in what she affectionately calls "the great white North". She is fortunate to have married her high school sweetheart and true love twenty-five years ago. They share their lives with three grown children and a menagerie of pets.

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Welcome to the Tiki Hut Nina!
Out of the Realm of Normalcy
by Nina Pierce

I’ll admit it. I love science fiction. I always have. When my peers were reading Judy Blume I was engrossed in the stories by Anne McCaffrey (Pern Series) and Madeline L’Engle (A Wrinkle in Time). I watched Star Trek with rapt fascination. My imagination soared with the idea of aliens and prickled with the thought of ghosts living in our attic. I hated to think of monsters under my bed, but couldn’t keep myself from watching Frankenstein movies. (I know … I’m totally aging myself here … just pretend you’re not thinking I’m ancient. *wink*) I still enjoy the fantasy. The idea that the world is bigger than my senses can detect. And from the surge of paranormal books being devoured by the reading public … I don’t think I’m alone.

So what is it? What is the allure with everything paranormal? Did this recent flood start again with the Harry Potter craze and move into Twilight or has something always fascinated us about this fantasy world? A place in our imagination where vampires stalk the night and succubi invade our dreams and everything fanciful comes to life.

For me, it’s the stretching of my imagination, the possibility that there’s another dimension that exists around me. Losing myself in a story about a band of werewolf rebels fighting unseen dark forces or a faery realm where wars are fought and babies are borne, well, it just makes me sigh. Now add a love story, a broken heart, a mended relationship and I am in reader nirvana.

This has now carried over to my writing. Paranormal stories give me the opportunity to let my muse play in a world of make believe … to fantasize what it would be like to be saved by a vampire just as I’m about to be mugged on my way home from work … or meet a lion shifter on the plains of Africa … or discover that an alien species is attracted to human females. Oh, the places I can go! And I’ve just dipped my toe in the endless sea of possibilities!

My latest release Shadows of Fire in the Hearts Afire-May anthology (Liquid Silver Books May 2009) is about a military faction of vampires known as RISEN. Their job is to seek out and eliminate rogue vampires who choose not to live complacently with humans. Reese Colton is assigned to a fire station in Northern California with his partner in hopes of discovering why humans and vampires are being burned in mysterious fires. Of course the vampire he’s falling in love with appears to be wrapped up in the crimes and Reese has no idea whether to follow the clues or his heart. The book was a blast to write. The possibilities that opened to me were just plain fun to explore. I hadn’t expected the twists and turns and quite frankly … hated to leave that world. (Pssst … between you and me … I’m thinking I may go back there some day.)

My latest project is a wolf/cougar shifter series that will include at least three books. For those of you familiar with Blue Moon Rising in the Furry, Fluffy & Wild anthology (Liquid Silver Books Sept 2008), I am using the polymorphic shifter premise of Jayda Kynslan and her heart throb of a wolf shifter, Cole Takoda, to create this erotic suspense series. I just love playing in a world unlike my own.

So what is it that fascinates you about these creatures? Or are you one to avoid the paranormal craze? I’m very curious.

Visit Nina Pierce on the web at http://www.ninapierce.com/ or follow her regular blog http://www.ninapierce.com/romanceblog. She’s also found her way to twitter and would love to have you follow her very chatty posts http://www.twitter.com/ninapierce.


  1. Thanks for being our special guest at the Tiki Hut today Nina!

    Great post!

  2. This is such an interesting twist on the Vampire genre! The fact that you had so much fun creating the story makes me eager to read the book! Best wishes.

  3. Thanks for having me! I always love hanging out here.

    Virginia - I just didn't expect the twists this story took so hopefully readers won't see it coming either. thanks for stopping by!

  4. This sounds like a great book. I love everything paranormal as long as there is a love story involved. I just adore vampire and shifters. There is something about an Alpha male that is mind boggling. I will have to pick this up and add it to my TBR pile.


  5. Hi,

    Loved the post. I hope my children inherit my love of books. We have books all over the house, thousands of them, and yes, I see them picking them up now and again..hehe.

    Have always loved the scifi, paranormal genre...can't get enough of it.


  6. Cindy - Thanks for stopping by.

    Vicky - There's something about that alpha male that is just fun to read and I totally agree ... if he can shape shift *sigh* all the better.

    Valerie - I think the reading thing just rubs off. Out of 5 children, 3 of us are voracious readers.

  7. Nina - I have loved ALL your books. Can't wait to read about your fireman!

    Delsora Lowe

  8. Wonderful post!
    I like the paranormal. It just seems to make more things possible.

  9. Debora - *blushing* thank you.

    Chey - I think that's what it is with me as well. The possibilities ...

  10. Your books sound awesome. My kind of books. I will definately be checking them out after today.

  11. I like the idea of both hero and heroine being vampires, should make for an interesting book to read (added to my wishlist already).
    As for me like you I was hooked on Anne McCaffrey and authors who wrote about dragons, unicorns, aliens etc.and todays paranormals fit right in there for me :D

  12. I love the excerpt to this new book Nina I just love your books and this sound like a must read. Lol

  13. I too am a big paranormal fan...add some suspense and I'm hooked.

    Which sounds exactly like the new story you have out...besides, who doesn't love a fireman, I mean come on.... LOL...

  14. I love paranormal stories. Your wolf/cougar shifter sounds interesting.

  15. Tigger9 - Glad you like the sound of them. Thanks so much for stopping by.

    Feline - Anne McCaffrey is one of the few authors that is an auto on my keeper shelf.

    Jerry - I think that's why I loved writing "Shadows of Fire" so much. Vampires, firefighters, suspense ... oh, my! *g* "Blue Moon Rising" in the "Furry, Fluffy, & Wild" antho is also an erotic suspense. Check out my website for details www.NinaPierce.com.

    Estella - It's a new world I've just jumped into. Ellora's Cave picked up the first in what I hope will be a three book series about wolf and cougar shifters.

  16. Tameka - Ooops, sorry I missed you in the middle there. I appreciate the kind words. Thanks for stopping by.

  17. Hey Nina,
    I have to agree with "...stretching of my imagination, the possibility that there’s another dimension that exists around me."

    Who doesn't jump at shadows? Or glance quickly over their shoulder in the moment when house key meets lock at night?

    I like different. I like my reality suspended. Paranormal does that for me.

    Congrats again on the release of Shadows of Fire! Mmmm vampires...

  18. Hi Nina! Why can't WE get enough? Or is it just ME?! Okay, I admit it, I'M ADDICTED! Do they have a therapy group for this kind of thing?! I love that you've added the paranormal to your stories now~it's soooo much fun! And the alpha-males?...soooo HOT! Please keep writing because I'm in NEED of more of your stories! You wouldn't want to deprive me, now would you??? Of course not...I KNEW IT!! lol! HAVE A GREAT NIGHT! Shelly (bookeroo) just_foor_fun@yahoo.com

  19. Hailey - *shivers* You describe it so well. I thought the glance into the backseat and the look over the shoulder was only me! LOL! Yeah, I totally check my reality at the door when I'm reading. ;)

    Shelly - You crack me up! You are much to sweet to say such nice things about my books. But I'm really glad you're enjoying my turn into the dark side!

  20. YOur book looks great!! Do you remember the name of the first romance novel you read?

  21. Debby - The first romance I read was a Danielle Steel book. No, I don't remember the title, but I know I read everything she wrote for years and years. Now I think my favorite romance authors would be Sandra Brown and Nora Roberts though Susan Wiggs is right up there as well.

  22. Great, now another author to add to my TBR, as if it isn't large enough already. Though, you can never have enough books. I LOVE paranormal, and wouldn't mind a sexy, alpha, vampire of my own. (Or shifter, or ghost, ect)

    Do you have any favourite authors you like to read? I am always looking for new authors. (As if I have time to read them all, though I try)

    And have you ever experienced paranormal activity yourself? I lived with a ghost for a couple of years. Friendly, non threatening. Moved away, and kind of miss him.

    Now, off to reading more books.

  23. I've watched the Shadows of Fire trailer several times now. Normally its the hero that sucks me in. This time Alexandra has me hooked.

    I guess one attraction to the parnormal for me is the ability to explore what ifs that are outside reality. What if you were changed into a vampire against your will? And that is why Alexandra appeals to me so much.

  24. LeslieJane - Favorite authors? Hmmm, not anymore. I have met some amazing authors in my travels through the publishing world. Besides the ebooks on my computer, I have two overstuffed book bags next to my bed full of books. AND I get books from the library. I noticed the other day that many of them are leaning to the paranormal/erotic genre.

    Paranormal activity? I have actually. The house I grew up in was haunted and I heard and saw ghosts (talk about creeeeepy!) My husband and I owned a very old house for about 15 years and despite major renovations, there was at least one ghost living with us.

    Kytaira - I love Alexandra for that reason. She has to live with something so life altering that wasn't her choice. I'm glad you're enjoying the book trailer. I thoroughly love making them.

  25. Nina,
    I love a good paranormal read...I think it's the mystery that catches my attetnion...the possibilities are endless...I haven't read any of your books yet but I'm going to check you out!!! :)


  26. Laura - I love reading mystery in a story, it's fun to try to figure it out. That's why I love writing suspense. It's the challenge. I do hope you'll check out some of my books. Thanks for taking time to comment.