Tuesday, May 5, 2009

This Tuesday At The Tiki Hut - Jean Hart Stewart

This Tuesday we welcome historical and fantasy romance author Jean Hart Stewart.

Jean Hart Stewart feels she's very much a Californian although she was born in Ohio. California has been home for a good many years. Life changed drastically for her when she was six and her father died incredibly from an errant golf ball. A dishonest insurance agent forced her sheltered mother to seek work, and she became a teacher. Her hours required Jean to be alone in the house in the afternoon, and since she was forbidden to leave till her mother got home, she became an avid reader. The local library supplied most of the books and she developed early her two of main interests, Jane Austen and King Arthur.

Reading is still one of her favorite activities, although she sometimes has to push it aside to make room for her enduring love of writing. Her journalism degree was used infrequently until recently. Marriage and raising two children pleasantly got in the way. After twenty years of being a real estate broker and with the kids raised she finally could devote her time to writing, her first love.

Jean's enchantment with the lore and legends of Druids and, therefore, delving into their history led to fascinating research that inspired her popular Garland of Druids Series for Cerridwen Press and her upcoming series about Mages that kicks off with her June 22nd release DAMIEN'S DESTINY.

Few things in her life have been so satisfying, especially when all her books have a happy ending. Wonderful to make happen. It only gets more interesting when a secondary character demands his very own book. Who would want to deny him? Not Jean!

Welcome to the Tiki Hut Jean and thanks for your article on How to Make a Reader.


How to make a reader?????

I’ve been obsessed lately with wondering why some children turn into avid readers and some never learn to like that is one of my life’s greatest joys. It’s not intelligence, as I was blessed with two bright kids, one how now reads much deeper subjects that I can even tackle. (He’s a mathematician, way over my head!) The other child never even would sit still to listen to me read. She’s just as smart, although not a mathematician. So it’s not a matter of reading to them, which you often hear, as I did with both. Or tried!

I polled some good friends, but found little consensus. One, a child development teacher, found what worked for her four children was limiting TV and reading to them extensively. Been there, done that. She’s raised four bright successful adults who are all readers. Another, mother of five, states it’s exposure to books and following up any clue if they seem to like a certain book or author. Very good points, and with today’s libraries so well stocked fairly easy if a child gets a fix on a certain author. Her daughter fell in love with the Nancy Drew series, which my granddaughter did last year. A third friend has one reader and one non-reader like me, both bright but simply with different inclinations. She’s thinks it’s like so many other traits. A parent gets what he’s dealt.

I’ve mentioned in various biographies and chat talks how my father’s early death forced my mother back to teaching and how I wasn’t allowed out of the house until she came home. I was six years old. With no TV and lots of library books I became a compulsive reader. I’ll fixate on cereal boxes if nothing else is handy. Incidentally, some of their blurbs are pretty funny, although they may not mean to be.

Certainly if you don’t do anything as a parent, let the TV be unlimited, don’t provide them with books, and don’t read to them you cut down the chances. Yet I think some children simply can’t be stopped from becoming readers. They’ll find books on their own no matter what.

Conclusion? Draw your own. I’m baffled!!!


Learn more about Jean and her fabulous books about Druids and Mages at JeanHartStewart.com .

Here's a video taste of her upcoming June 22nd release DAMIEN'S DESTINY.


  1. Welcome to the Tiki Hut Jean - great article and fantastic trailer - loved it!!!

    Can't wait for the new book and I wish you the very best with the new series - I love the magic of that time period!

    Now dig your toes in the sand and enjoy your day here at the Tiki Hut!

  2. Hi Jean,

    I've not heard of you before and am quite excited to learn about you and your work. I've never read Druid stuff before, but I do find it interesting - what is your new Mage series about? Not heard of it before. Is it paranormal?

    I guess, I could head to your site and learn more instead of asking so many questions....lol...

    Jerry B

  3. Hi Jean

    Welcome to the Tiki Hut! I've heard about you, especially about your Druid series, but sadly have not gotten the chance to read any of your things.

    I'm deeply fascination with Druids so of course it would catch my eye.

  4. Hi Jean!

    Welcome to the Tiki Hut. I'm so glad to get to know you and just checked out your website. You are one busy lady.

    How many books do you plan for your new series and is your druid series finished or do you have more in store for that?

    Also, just wanted to say that there is always hope for your kids, a few years ago, it was like pulling teeth to get my teenage daughter to read and I have a house full of books, read to her all the time and love to read myself.

    Then last summer she discovered the Twilight series and has devoured them all in no time, has read everything I own that she can read (most will have to wait until she's older - lol)and now prefers to read over the TV - YEAH!!!

    Kimmy S.

  5. I love Druids!

    I'm happy to find out about you and your books and going over to check them out now.

    I'll try to stop back.

    Jen T

  6. I have the same thing, Jean.

    One of my kids reads everything they can get their hands on and the other, not at all interested. Both are smart as whips but the reader does do better on tests.

    I have a friend in her 40s and she hadn't read a book since high school until she recently got a job where she has to man a desk and now she reads a book a week or more. So you just never know.

    Good luck with your new series, sounds great.


  7. To Jerry, thanks for commenting and I'm happy to talk about Druids and Mages. My Druid series is based on the assumption one of my protagonists inherits abilities from a Druid priestess, The series starts in 1898 and was great fun to research and write. The Mage series is about a family descended from the most famous Mage of all, Merlin. Three written now and more to come. All my stuff is slightly, but not wildly paranormal. Hope you read some excerpts as my website...Jean

  8. Dear Raonaid, Love your name, so distinctive and eupohonius. Thanks for your comment, hope you go to my site and read some excerpts. I had great fun researching and writing the Druid series, and am now enjoying the Mages just as much.

  9. Kimmy, how wonderful your daughter has learned to love reading. I plan eight in the Mage series, and someday might go back and pick up the grandchildren of my Druid family. Damien's Destiny release date has been moved up to JUne 18th, and Gareth's Gambit, the second book in the series will be released 9/17. Yeah!!!!

  10. Jen and Erin, thanks for taking the time to comment. I love making new friends.....Jean

  11. Finally catching up, as you can see. We're on a short vacation in the desert and am a little off schedule. Thanks DeNita, for inviting me to the hut. Love hearing from new readers and new friends.....Jean

  12. Two of my four children are prolific readers.

    I have not read any of your work, but am looking forward to doing so.

  13. Hi Jean! Welcome at the Tiki Hut. I just finished reading Druid's Daughter and it was WONDERFUL! I'm looking forward to reading the others!
    Sorry I couldn't get the trailer to work for me today... I'll check again later.
    I was one of those kids that always loved to read. I even read through the encyclopedia one summer! Not that I remember most of it!

  14. Martha, good for you. i'm a prolific reader but never thought of taking on an encyclopedia.. WOW. I'm SO glad you liked Druid's Daughter. I'm at a hotel now and can't access a computer as much as I'd like or I'd have answered soon. I'll send you the link to the trailer of you e-mail. Link is on my website, www.jeanhartstewart.com