Tuesday, April 7, 2009

This Tuesday At The Tiki Hut - Catherine Stang

Today's special guest is Catherine Stang. Catherine is a hopeless romantic, who has been reading and writing romances for as long as she can remember. She writes romantic suspense, historical romance, paranormal romance and mainstream romance.

Cathy lives in a small town in Kansas with her husband, teenage son and three very active Papillons, and a tiny Yorkie who are therapy dogs. She and the dogs enjoy their weekly visits to the nursing home.


When I began working on the background for The Bargain I soon knew that I had too much story for one book. Although Cassandra’s brothers were gone during most of story, I could image what would happen to them when the war was over. So I pitched the series to Debra at Whiskey Creek and was thrilled when she liked the idea and gave the go ahead to write it.

I had written connected books before, but I had written each one as a single, hoping they would be picked up together. It has been freeing creatively to know to be able to plot these books together.

The series starts out during the war with Cassandra, her sister-in-law and younger sister, who are trying to hold things together while the men are gone.

Here’s a blurb about The Bargain:

In the midst of war two enemies will make a bargain that will change their lives forever.

Major Joel Bradshaw is the Chief Medical Officer in charge of setting up a new front line hospital for the Union Army. Unfortunately, his first task is to evict the women who live in the big plantation house he must commandeer.

Strong-willed Cassandra Beaumont is determined not to allow the Yankees take her home. But when her sister-in-law develops complications during labor, Cassie is forced to swallow her pride and ask the Yankee doctor she just threatened for his help. All she has to barter with are her nursing skills and so she proposes a trade that will bring her loyalties into question.

Joel, however, soon finds himself wanting much more than a business arrangement. Torn between his orders as an officer and his desire to protect Cassie, Joel finds a way to ensure the safety of all the Beaumont women – if only Cassie will say yes!

It’s available now in print & e book from http://www.whiskeycreekpress.com/ Visit my website for excerpts http://www.catherinestang.com/

The second book in my Finding Home Series, Dare To Love, was just released.

Here’s a blurb: Be careful what you wish for….

Jessica Monroe is up to her neck in problems when her father dies leaving her with a house full of orphans, a widow and her twins, and an ex-madam, plus a horse farm to run. She wants her brother, Caleb, to come home from the war to help her. She should have been careful for what she wished for because Caleb didn’t come back alone. With him is his band of ex-raiders turned mercenary.

Now they expect her to look the other way while they use the edge of her land as a base to commit their crimes. Well, she won’t do it. While trying to help a neighbor fend off the raiders, she ends up bringing home a wounded stranger who appeared out of nowhere to help them. Just her luck, handsome Tyler Beaumont is a marshal intent on bringing down her brother and his outlaw friends.

Finding Home Series, Book 2
Sometimes home is where you least expect it.

I have excerpts on my website http://www.catherinestang.com/ DARE TO LOVE is the book of the day over at Author Island, so be sure to comment today for your chance to win a copy.

Have a great week!

Dare To Love - in print & ebook from http://www.whiskeycreekpress.com/
The Bargain – in print & e book from http://www.whiskeycreekpress.com/
More Than A Wife – Regency – available from http://www.whiskeycreekpress.com/
Secret Wishes – paranormal regency – available from http://www.cobblestone-press.com/


  1. Both books sound great but Dare to Love especially!

  2. Hi, Cathy! I've been living in a hole! I didn't know Dare to Love was released--huge congrats! I love a good series! Do you have other titles planned for the Finding Home series? What are you working on now? :)

  3. Hi Cathy you are a new author for me but i have read the excerpt for dare to love and i am intrigued and want to read this book. congrats on the release

  4. Good morning Cathy!! Thanks so much for being our guest today at the Tiki Hut and special thanks for offering up a copy of DARE TO LOVE for one of our readers today!!!

    You have an incredible talent and you live under a very lucky start because your covers are fantastic!!! Have you ever gotten one you didn't like? Everyone I've seen, I loved!!

    Pull up a beach towel and plop yourself right down on the sand, the cabana boy should be by soon for your drink order and enjoy your day here at the AuthorIsland Tiki Hut!

    In the real world, I'm watching the snow pile up on top of the four inches we got last night - glad I have my cyber island to escape to!


  5. You're an new author to me, but your books sounds so good and I'm heading over to your site as soon as I'm finished with this comment!

    I wanted to thank AuthorIsland for turning us readers onto authors we might not have read before. It's so much fun to find new writers and books to love.

    AuthorIsland Rocks!!

    Jennifer T

  6. Both books sound great. Congrats!

  7. Hi Cathy,
    I enjoy "meeting" authors who I haven't read yet. 2 more books for my tbr list!

  8. Hi Fedora,

    It just came on Weds, so I'm still getting word out. I do have other books planned for this series. I'm getting ready to write Chris's story. And I have couple more that are perking in my head. Right now I'm finishing a new book in my Bliss Society series that I'm writing with Donna McAteer.

    Thanks for stopping by to say hi!



  9. Hi DeNita,

    I have been blessed with great covers. I've been lucky to work with wonderful cover artists like Stella Price, Bree Bridges,Jinger Heaston and Nancy Donahue.

    Nancy did the cover for Dare To Love and More Than A Wife.

    I'm totally in awe of what cover artists do. They take images in my head and bring them to life. So here's to cover artists.


  10. Hi dandan,

    Thanks for stopping by!


  11. Hi Jennifer,

    I've many new authors at Author Island too and few new friends. DeNita does a great job!


  12. Both books sound great, Cathy!

  13. Welcome to the Tiki Hut. The books sound super. Gram

  14. Hi Cathy! I do love historicals and series! I din't realize the second one was out... Congrats on the release!! Both books so very good!

  15. Hi and welcome to the Tiki Hut. I always enjoy reading about your books and I really admire the work you do with the dogs. I hope all is well with you

  16. Your puppies are soo cute. I love the book covers. They are very good.

  17. Your books sound so good. Congratulations on your new release. And I am sure your nursing home visits are really enjoyed by the residents. I know they enjoy the therapy dogs where my mother is a resident. They make a change from their daily routine. And your dogs are so cute. Is your Yorkie as spoiled as mine is? Mine rules the house *g*

  18. Hi all - hope you had fun chatting with Cathy yesterday, I know I enjoyed having her as a guest at the Tiki Hut!

    Flchen1 was the name that came out of the hat for the Book of the Day spotlight yesterday on Cathy's book DARE TO LOVE - congrats and thanks again to all who stopped by.

    Be sure to join us next Tuesday when author C. Fern Cook stops by the Tiki Hut!