Tuesday, March 3, 2009

This Tuesday At The Tiki Hut - LuAnn McLane

Joining us at the Tiki Hut today to celebrate her new release, REDNECK CINDERELLA and her 50th birthday is our favorite redneck romance writer, LuAnn McLane.

LuAnn writes for Signet Eclipse, an imprint of New American Library. Although she still enjoys penning sensual contemporary trade-sized romances, she now also writes romantic comedy in mass market including DARK ROOTS AND COWBOY BOOTS, DANCING SHOES AND HONKY TONK BLUES, A LITTLE LESS TALK AND A LOT MORE ACTION, and her most recent REDNECK CINDERELLA.

Raised by her widowed father, Jolie Russell could keep up with any man - that is, until wealthy and sexy land developer Cody Dean struts into her life.Cody buys the Russell farm with an impossible-to-refuse multimillion-dollar offer, then relocates Jolie and her dad to the Copper Creek Estates. But the country club atmosphere isn't ready for Jolie's kind of country. As her two worlds collide, Jolie wonders how she can ever hope to capture Cody's heart without giving up her grits.

LuAnn lives in Florence, Kentucky, just outside of Cincinnati, Ohio. When she takes breaks from writing, she enjoys long walks, watching chick flicks with her daughter and tries to keep track of her three active sons. She loves to hear from her readers. You can reach her at luann@luannmclane.com.

Visit LuAnn's Myspace for excerpts of the new book!

Welcome LuAnn and a super happy birthday to you!!!

Dark (okay gray) Roots and Red Boots!

I’ve been whining about it for a few weeks and on March 3rd it will be official: I turn 50! Yes 50! I’m old enough for AARP and to join The Red Hat Society… both wonderful organizations mind you but for those of you who know me, well, I like to do things a little differently. So, instead of a red hat I bought red cowboy boots and I plan to go down kicking and screaming! I don’t mind turning 50… if fact I am proud of my age but it is a wake up call that I need to make my bucket list and start checking it off! There are just a few things (okay a lot of things) I’ve always wanted to do and places I’ve always wanted to see. As of March 3rd, 2009 I will have the list ready and I will make every effort to accomplish each and every one! So, here are a few things I want to do and or see. Oh and if any of you want to join me or have connections with people who can help me accomplish any of my goals send me an e-mail and we will hook up. I am also open to suggestions of unforgettable things you all have seen or done that should be on my list. So here is just a sample in no particular order:

1. A ride on the back of a Harley (hopefully with a hot guy driving)
2. White water rafting on the Gauley River
3. A trip to Australia (Aussie men are so sexy… not that it has anything to do with it. (Okay maybe a little)
4. A trip to Tuscany, Italy (to eat the food and drink Chianti)
5. An Alaskan Cruise
6. Swimming with dolphins
7. Making the New York Times (you all can help me with that one!)
8. Attending CMA Fan Fair
9. A sunset cruise in Hawaii
10. A Hot Air Balloon Ride in California Wine Country

Okay any other suggestions? Anyone want to join me? Jump on in!


  1. Welcome to the Tiki Hut LuAnn!!! And Happy Birthday!!!!

    50, huh? Well, I only wished I looked as good at 30 as you do 50 sweetheart! That kicking and screaming thing must be working for you - lol!!!

    Readers, leave LuAnn a message today and get your name in the hat for an autographed copy of her A LITTLE LESS TALK AND A LOT MORE ACTION!

  2. I think you should also try a cruise in Europe. Good list. Happy Birthday!!

  3. Happy Birthday LuAnn!!

    A lot of those are on my list too ;)

  4. Happy Birthday - 50 is great. Heck, any year is great!
    Australia is on my list, as is Ireland and a return trip to Alaska.

  5. whooooohooooooo! HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRL!

  6. Happy Birthday and Happy Release Day!!

    The new book sounds so good - hope it's a big one for you, just like your birthday!

  7. Happy Birthday! I love that you bought red boots!

  8. Oh a trip to Europe sounds good! Haha any more suggestions?

    Oh yeah and Ireland is on my extended list too!

  9. Yeah I am wearing the red boots right now! Haha

  10. The little girl in the picture is my granddaughter :-) We were at Chuck E. Cheese, one of her favorite places!

  11. Thanks for the wishes... I will be back later!

  12. Happy Birthday and just know that you are in good company. A lot of us 50+ are having a blast and do not look our age. Neither do you. Enjoy your life and don't go down without a fight. By the way, love, love your books.
    Vicky Cormier

  13. Happy Birthday LuAnn. That is a great list. My DH and I want to do the Alaskan cruise. We love cruising. Since you seem interested in cruising and Eurpoe - check out the Viking River Cruises. We did the River Rhine in 2005 and it was wonderful! Hope you got my positve comments on Trick My Truck. This one sounds like a winner too! Best Wishes!!

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  15. LuAnn, 50 is the new 30 so you go, girl! I am up for everything on your list...it is a great list.
    The NYT list is a shoo-in with the great books you write.
    Looking good. Hope you have a fabulous 50! It was one of my favorite years!

  16. Happy Birthday! I must say that you are looking pretty doggone good for half a century!

    I think you should add what I have on my list...cruising the Greek Isles!

  17. Happy Birthday! Red cowboy boots are awesome.

  18. What a great list . . . a lot of those are on my list, too. One other place I'd really like to visit is Scotland to see a castle. Happy, Happy Birthday! Hope you have a wonderful day.

    Cheryl S.

  19. Happy Birthday!!! It seems silly but seeing the CMA festival is on my list too! It sounds fun and I could totally be friendly to Tim McGraw. :) Have a good day!!

  20. Thanks for the birthday wishes and suggestions! I was going to add a tattoo but I would probably chicken out :-)

  21. Wow! You don't even look like 50. You look more like your granddaughters mother than grandmother! Congrats on the birthday!

    My suggestion - visit something old world. The catacombs in Luxembourgh, The city of Rottenburg, ruins of a castle. Someplace that you can actually walk the grounds and absorb the atmosphere. It's like the very air around you has memories.

    Maybe ride one of those automated bulls.

  22. Two ladies who live in my neighborhood are both turning 50 this year and since one of them owns a time share where one can trade times shares with others, she is planning to try to trade for a trip to Hawaii so the two of them can celebrate their "big five O" together there. They have been friends since grade school. I am so hoping she is able to make this dream of both of them come true. (Wish I could go, too!)

  23. cas2ajs - Cheryl S - you are our winner!!!

    Please email AuthorIsland at yahoo.com with your full name and address by March 31st, 2009 (put Tiki Hut in subject line) and we'll get an autographed copy of A LITTLE LESS TALK AND A LOT MORE ACTION out to you!

    If we don't here from your before March 31st, we'll pick another winner.


  24. Email on its way. Thanks so much!

    Cheryl S.