Tuesday, February 17, 2009

This Tuesday At The Tiki Hut - Kimber Chin

A warm Tiki Hut Welcome to today's special guest, author Kimber Chin.

Kimber's new release INVISIBLE deals with the topic of identity theft and she's been kind enough to share some things she's learned about preventing identity theft through her research...things we all need to learn.

Kimber Chin writes sexy contemporary romances set in the business world. A business gal herself, she is tired of seeing business folks described as emotionless bores, especially as many of the people she works with are one step away from the looney bin. It takes a special type of crazy to spend days in a 100 square feet cubicle.

This cynical gal had her world tilted when she fell in love at first sight. 15 gloriously happy years later, she cautions single women that slick talking salesmen will do anything to keep their favorite customers satisfied.

Every week, Kimber Chin posts a short story and a photo of a man in a great looking suit on her website and every month, she gives away her favorite eBook read the previous month.

Welcome Kimber!!!


Thanks for having me here, DeNita!

Preventing Identity Theft

Excerpt From Invisible:

He watched her. She ignored him.

There was silence except for the ticking of the Ingraham 30-hour kitchen mantle clock Birger had found in Pittsburgh years ago.

“Why do you subscribe to forensic accounting magazines?” Hagen volleyed a question her way.

“Why do you think?” she deflected, not giving him anything.

Hagen grunted his disapproval and took another swallow of coffee before continuing. “Why does my Uncle have them?”

“He was interested.” Understatement. He was more than interested. After an unfortunate run in with an identity thief, Birger got her number through a mutual friend. Maeve taught him the basics but he wanted to know more, much more. Over shared dinners, Maeve acting as Birger’s sous-chef, she talked about different cases and he would listen, asking question after question, after question.

No more. Birger, her friend. He wouldn’t be asking any more questions.


I always thought that identity theft happened to wealthy people (like Birger). That is, until it happened to my dear, sweet Mom. My Mom, a single mother of six kids, aspires to being middle class. She doesn't have any money. Why would someone want her identity?

Because having her identity gives thieves access to her credit line. Everyone has a credit line. I can get credit in my plant's name (Fern the Third – don't ask what happened to Fern I and Fern II). Once the thieves have access, they apply for credit cards, lines of credits, even putting liens on the victim's house.

Identity theft is the worst theft there is. A normal theft is a one time thing (actually usually a two time thing, thieves normally break back in once you've replaced all the stolen goods). With identity theft, the thieves keep stealing and stealing and stealing. Stopping that and then proving you weren't the person actually using the credit card or line of credit can take a decade or more. Yeah, not fun. So the best thing to do is to prevent identity theft.

I asked Frank M. Ahearn (http://www.frankahearn.com/ ), one of the leading skip tracers in the world, what he suggests we do to prevent identity theft.

"Most identity thieves obtain information several ways, stealing from mail the box, dumpster diving and double swiping credit cards in retail stores. Below are some prevention methods I suggest.As far, as bills and any type of documents that have identifiers always shred the information before discarding. Do not be frugal when it comes to purchasing a shredder; get a good cross cutting shredder. I always suggest using a Post Office Box or a mail drop for bills to be mailed to; crooks cannot reach their hands into the boxes like the one in front of private homes.When in retail stores watch the cashier and how they swipe your credit card. However, when in restaurants this can be difficult since the servers takes your card away.On personal information the less information you give out the better, no need for the credit card, utility company, the dentist, the cable company to have your cell number. In addition, there is no reason that the cell company should have your home phone or work information. Just do not give it away!"

(If you EVER get a chance to take a course from Frank, I strongly suggest you invest the dollars. I make it a point to take one of his courses a year.)


Kimber Chin gives away a favorite romance eBook a month on her site http://businessromance.com/ . She never asks any information other than a name (it doesn't have to be a real name) and an email address. She also shares a short story and a photo of a hot man in a great fitting suit every week.


  1. Thanks for being our special guest today, Kimber!! And thanks for the tips and info about identity theft - I've been a victim myself :-( NOT FUN...

  2. Hugs about the identity theft,
    and thank you for letting me discuss it today.
    Yep, there isn't anything fun about it
    yet you'd be surprised
    how many companies and people ask and give private information they don't need.

    I bought something at Liz Claiborne,
    using cash.
    The cashier asked me for my phone number.
    I told her it was unlisted.
    Yes, I know the retailer wanted it
    so they'd know where their customers live
    but all they needed for that
    was the area code, not the full number.

    I was entering a contest
    and they asked for my date of birth
    (which is a piece of information identity thieves hanker after).
    Again, all they needed was my year of birth
    (to assure that I was legal age).

    Silly, yet potentially dangerous, stuff like that!

  3. Hi Kimber and DeNita! I am really looking forward to reading your books Kimber! Thanks for those good tips! Remember the movie THE NET? Kind of scary to think someone could take your identity like that. Hope your mom wasn't hurt too bad!! I know I have had friends and clients effected and it sure did mess up their credit and peace of mind!
    (BTW- just sent you and e-mail).
    Have a great day at the Tiki-Hut!

  4. Thanks for the identity theft info.
    I enjoyed reading Invisible.

  5. Thanks Martha! I always love hearing from you.

    Unfortunately, the identity theft dented my dear mom's heart badly. When you don't have bad in you, it is challenging sometimes to understand why it is in others.

    That's why I'm so passionate about the subject. I'd rather it not happen to anyone else.

  6. Awww.... thank you Estella!
    I really appreciate the feedback.
    No, that's not right.
    Doesn't convey my true feelings.

    Estella, you made my day, likely my week, pure and simple.

  7. Hey Kimber...Waving to you! I just wanted to drop by to say hello! and to say that I'm looking forward to reading "Invisible" AND "Breach of Trust" but I'm going to be buying in print before I can do that(sigh...you know how I am about the ebook thing;).

    Thanks for the identity theft tips. I know I would be more than torqued if it happened to me. I tend to be anal about records, receipts and personal info so I'm hoping that will help in those circumstances that are under my control.

    I love that the "hubs" is an Acquarian;)...it tells me you're in good hands *snort, snort* ....Nancy:)

    P.S. Also a big how-do and smile to DeNita (whom I haven't had contact in awhile)...hope both of you enjoy many refreshing "beverages" at the Tiki Hut today *grin*

  8. Hi Nancy (waving back)
    I'm still trying to convert you to eBooks.

    The unfortunate part about identity theft
    is that you can't prevent it completely.
    ALL your information is out there somewhere (I had a hacker friend send me my dental records once).
    However, you can make it so difficult
    that it is not worth the baddies' time.