Tuesday, December 16, 2008

This Tuesday At The Tiki Hut - Joanna Waugh

Once again it’s guest blogger day at the Tiki Hut. Joining us beneath the palm leaves is Regency author, Joanna Waugh. Joanna’s debut novel, BLIND FORTUNE, released in July from Cerridwen Press.

Welcome to the Tiki Hut, Joanna!

Thanks, DeNita! It’s great to be here. Author Island is a terrific place for authors and readers to connect and the Tiki Hut is an especially inspired idea! I’m grateful to be among the first authors invited here.

A little about me: I live in Northwest Indiana, just a stone’s throw from Lake Michigan and the beautiful Indiana Dunes. BLIND FORTUNE is my first published novel, although I did a lot of non-fiction writing prior to it; mostly political op eds, white papers and articles for specialty magazines. In the late 1990s, however, I returned to my first love—romantic fiction.

BLIND FORTUNE is based on my personal experience with my late husband. He lost his sight to diabetes and often misinterpreted conversations because he couldn’t see the speaker’s face or read his/her body language. It’s this kind of misunderstanding that lies at the heart of the relationship between sightless Lady Fortuna and arrogant Charles Lowden, the Marquess of Granville.

Here’s the blurb:

They say love is blind, but Lady Fortuna Morley doesn’t believe it. Sightless since birth, she can think of only one reason a gentleman would wed her—for the dowry and three thousand pounds a year her father will provide. She’s in London the spring of 1814 to help launch her younger cousin into society, but prefers living quietly in the country with her music. The last thing Fortuna wishes is to cross swords with the arrogant Marquess of Granville.

Charles Lowden, Lord Granville, has decided to take a wife. The bride he’s chosen is thirteen years his junior, but meets all criteria. What he won’t abide is interference from the girl’s impertinent cousin, the outspoken and opinionated Lady Fortuna Morley. The woman is determined to thwart the match. Charles is just as determined to charm Fortuna out of her disdain for him.

What neither expects in the ensuing battle of wills is to fall in love.

The book has been getting fantastic reviews. Here are just a few:

"...some of the best dialogue between hero and heroine that I have ever read. Dialogue bursting with intelligence and witticism with an aim beyond simply being that one last riposte."
All About Romance Reviews

"With skillful scripting, Joanna Waugh exposes the depth and personality of each of her characters...This is definitely a wonderfully detailed Regency romance that will woo historical enthusiasts…”
Romance Junkies Blue Ribbon Reviews

"BLIND FORTUNE is a wonderful historical romance...In one word, exciting. Ms. Waugh has a winner on her hands."
The Romance Readers Connection

To read an excerpt:

Purchase Link:

Be sure to stop by my website and check out my resources for Regency readers and writers: http://www.joannawaugh.com/ and my blog about British customs and holidays: (I’m currently doing a ten-part series about Regency Christmas traditions): http://www.joannawaugh.blogspot.com/

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  1. Thanks so much for being our special guest today, Jo!!

    Love your book and I love that you share so much of your research with other writers of Regency and just trivia buffs like myself - I spent hours over on your site one day checking out your slang words section - loved it!!!

    Enjoy your day!

  2. This sounds like a charming book. I loved the teaser.

  3. Thanks DeNita! I'll happy to be here. And good morning, Belinda! Glad you liked the blurb.
    You are among the first to know it was announced last night that the music room love scene from BLIND FORTUNE won Midnight Seductions Endless Romance contest! I'm thrilled!!!! To read the excerpt, click on the link above. The music room scene is excerpt #2.

  4. Hi Joanna!
    Glad to see you here! Congrats again on this book. It sounds wonderful!
    I am legally blind (can't see the big E on the eye chart) but correctable to 20/40 with glasses/contacts. I try to appreciate how precious sight is!
    I love al the info on your website! THANKS for sharing!!

  5. Thanks, Martha. I appreciate you stopping by. One of the most satisfying things about BLIND FORTUNE is the wonderful people I've met since it's publication. I get emails all the time from "physically challenged" readers who tell me how glad they are someone has written a story they can relate to. And I get comments from "normal" people who tell me they found the story insightful.
    If only one person gained a new perspective on the daily challenges wonderful people like yourself face each day, it was worthwhile.

  6. Hi Joanna, nice post.
    Don't forget to tell people about your yahoo loop http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Joanna_Waugh_Newsletter/

  7. Hi Linda! Only a few more weeks and Lady of the Stars will be out. You must be getting very excited.

    Thanks for bringing up my newsletter loop. For those not familiar with my newsletter eloop, I keep members posted about chats and interviews. I post my blog articles directly to the loop as well. But it isn't all about me! We discuss history and books, and share excerpts. We also talk about the writing craft and publishing in general.
    To join, send a subscribe email to:

  8. Great Interview!!!Can't wait to read Blind Fortune.

  9. Hi Dlynn! Thanks for stopping by. I hope you like the book as much as I enjoyed writing it.

  10. Congratulations! Martha is the winner of a free ecopy of BLIND FORTUNE. Please contact me, Martha so I can email you your copy!

  11. Congrats on winning the Midnight Seductions Endless Romance contest!!!! How wonderful!!

    And I know the scene - you deserve the award!


  12. Great post! Can't wait to read Blind Fortune.

  13. Thanks, DeNita! I'm still pinching myself.

    Hi Estella! Thanks for dropping by. I hope you enjoy reading BLING FORTUNE.

    Incidentally, I'm doing a ten-part blog series about Regency Christmas traditions. Everything from the origins of the holiday to unusual British Christmas customs. Check it out at www.joannawaugh.blogspot.com The series will end on Christmas Eve.