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The Cougar Book - An Excerpt From Jeremy Edwards' BOSTON. BREASTS. BOHEMIAN.

The libidinous fiction of Jeremy Edwards has been widely published online, as well as in over forty anthologies. His work was selected for The Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica, vols. 7, 8, and 9; he has read at New York’s In the Flesh and Philadelphia’s Erotic Literary Salon; and he has been featured in the literary showcase of the Seattle Erotic Art Festival. Jeremy’s first erotic novel is Rock My Socks Off (Xcite Books). Readers can drop in on him unannounced (and thereby catch him in his underwear) at .

Jeremy Edwards - My Fantasy, Her Story

There's no reason I need to know whether the fortyish woman I found sexy as hell in 1985 thought I was a cute twentysomething. It wouldn't have mattered then (we were both happily attached and monogamous), and it matters less now.

Don't get me wrong: I liked to *fantasize* that she thought I was a hot young pup. Hey, it still makes a great fantasy, even though I'm now older than she was then. As we know, the past can exist quite vividly in fantasyland.

But discovering the truth of her internal reaction to me--whether my presence made her want to lick her lips or roll her eyes--was not necessary to enjoying the fantasy. It might even have interfered with it.

And then, a quarter century down the road, I had the opportunity to write for Jolie du Pre's Cougar Book.

The story I tell in this anthology, "Boston. Breasts. Bohemian," is not my real-life story of the mid-'80s. But it draws on some elements of my memories. And through the puppet show of my characters--who only resemble me and "her" a smidgen--I indulge the fantasy.

And yet, as I tell it now, it is not a young man's fantasy. It is my conception of *her* story, my attempt to envision her needs, her passion, her perspective, and her complexity.

Here's a taste of the tale, narrated by my protagonist Claudia:




I was never taken with the ambitious ones. Even if they were nice ...even if I judged that their interest in bedding me had nothing to do with their career aspirations ... I simply didn't respond to their suits, their calculating punctuality, and their disconcertingly smooth adaptation to the yuppie milieu of 1980s Back Bay Boston. Damn it, a twenty-two-year-old--male or female--should not look totally natural with a briefcase, I thought.

No, I liked the guys with the ratty knapsacks. The guys who weren't sure when or when not to drink at lunchtime; who didn't see that as cool as their thrift-store vintage jackets looked on the hanger, they didn't fit right; who still believed, thank goodness, that it was their art or writing or music that mattered, and not getting to the"day job" five minutes early--and who would say so out loud in their cubicles, being too naive to realize I listened from my open-dooroffice around the corner. They figured I disapproved of their chronic tardiness and forgave them; but in reality I loved them for it. It made me want to fuck them. It aroused what had never died in me, no matter how many meetings I had to take with marketing people and accountants and lawyers: my passion for beauty. And my passion for young men who really, really cared about something--who weren't, for instance, too occupied or tired or lazy to go see some incredibly important underground band I'd never heard of on a Wednesday night,even if it meant they had to walk home afterward and get short changed on sleep. I had no intention of listening to the latest "amazing"album, but I wanted to know my bohemians bought it the day it came out.


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  1. Welcome to the Tiki Hut Jeremy!

    I loved the excerpt and already like Claudia!! I find your story a really interesting take on the genre. A male writing this from the female POV - fun!

    I wish you great luck with it and the other projects you have going on - you sound like a very busy writer. Do you write full-time?

    Have fun today and be sure to get one of those fruity drinks with the umbrella in them...not every day you are at the Tiki Hut.

  2. Good morning! I'm so pleased to be here today--and not only because of the tropical drinks. : )

    And, wow, thank you so much for the heartwarming positive feedback, DeNita! A number of my stories are from a female protagonist's point of view, either through a third-person narrator or, as in this instance, a first-person voice. Once I'd figured out more or less what I wanted to write about for The Cougar Book, I quickly gravitated to the strategy of telling the tale from Claudia's perspective.

    I feel lucky and happy to be a busy writer. I am a full-time freelancer, but that includes some editing work as well.

  3. How wonderful to have you here. I love the sound of this story and hope to read more of your works.

    joderjo402 AT gmail DOT com

  4. I'm loving all the blurbs & excerpts from this book.

    Happy Reading

  5. Thank you, thank you, joder and Anna!!

    And I'd like to mention that I'm not only a contributor to this book, but also a big fan--so many of my favorite authors are included.

  6. This story sounds sounds good. I am looking forward to reading the various authors contributing to the book.

    kissinoak at verizon dot net

  7. Jeremy, I so loved "Boston. Breasts. Bohemian." in The Cougar Book! I feel honored to be alongside you in the book and, like yourself, have been a huge fan of it so far as well.

    Thanks for sharing this behind-the-scenes information; I found it a delightful read in itself! :)


  8. "The libidinous fiction" what a great opening to a fabulous insight.

  9. Thanks, Estella! Four more Cougar authors coming down the pipeline here this week!

  10. You're so awesome, Emerald! (But we knew that.) I'm always thrilled to appear in print with you. Your work is so sensitive and moving!

  11. Thanks, Marybelle!

    I use the word "libidinous" whenever I can get away with it. ; )

  12. I loved the post and excerpt. I look forward in reading more of your works, Jeremy.

    Tracey D

  13. What a great collection...and being of cougar age myself, I love being able to find these stories...actually this genre seems to be gaining a lot of steam. Good!

    Loved your post Jeremy and I'll off to check out your website now to learn more.

  14. Thank you so much, Tracey and Sharon! Much appreciated!

    And thank you, DeNita, for having me. This was wonderful!

  15. I loved the excerpt and I look forward to reading this book.

  16. This thought so wonderfully encapsulates the journey of crafting a tale, and creating vibrant characters, and this spirit is evident in your story:

    But discovering the truth of her internal reaction to me--whether my presence made her want to lick her lips or roll her eyes--was not necessary to enjoying the fantasy. It might even have interfered with it.

    Well said, and well done!

  17. Since we're sharing favorite quotes, I especially liked this:

    And yet, as I tell it now, it is not a young man's fantasy. It is my conception of *her* story, my attempt to envision her needs, her passion, her perspective, and her complexity.

    This is the essence of the writer's mission to me--the ability to empathize with our characters, even become them. I don't think a younger man could pull it off as richly! Great story, Jeremy!

  18. Hi, Craig. Thank you so much for that terrific praise! You are such a gifted storyteller, my friend, and it's an honor to be in this collection with you.

  19. Brilliant Bravadonna! Your kind words about B.B.B. warm my heart--and furnish a welcome reminder that there can be advantages to my getting older. ; )

  20. That was a really good excerpt! Thanks for sharing. This seems to be a really cool series to read and I have loved everything I have read so far! Thanks for sharing!!!

    graham4302 at